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First conversationEdit

  • Acca Kanatah: Ah, another human! Let me get a good look at you.
  • The Goebie cranes its neck to look up at you from under the heavy rock on its back.
  • Acca Kanatah: My, my... What a strange race you are. So tall and soft. Yet you present yourselves as our saviours.
    • Yes, I am your saviour.
      • Player: Yes, I am [player]. The saviour of your down-trodden race!
        • Acca Kanatah: Hm, is that so? Well, [player], we have much to discuss.
        • Acca Kanatah: I am the Acca of Kanatah, the wisest of this village. I can see you have questions, let us converse.
    • I've simply come to help.
    • I am not your saviour.
      • Player: I am no saviour, I am [player]. I come to your planet in search of its treasure.
        • Acca Kanatah: (Same as above

Subsequent conversationsEdit

  • Acca Kanatah: Is there something you wish to discuss, human?
    • I found this relic...
      • Acca Kanatah: Those relics are of great cultural significance to my people. I can't afford to pay you for them, but if you were willing to part with them, I'd ensure that goebies everywhere knew that we were indebted to you.
        • If you hand over your relics, you will gain X reputation with the goebies.
        • Trade your X relics for X reputation?
          • Yes.
            • Acca Kanatah: Thank you human. From all goebies, thank you.
          • No.
            • Acca Kanatah: Very well human. I wish I could compensate you adequately.

When the player uses A 'Durzag & Goebbana' catalogue on Acca Kanatah

  • Acca Kanatah: Ah you found it! I have been seeking this for some time, Player.
  • Acca Kanatah: Finally, I can order the newest rock covering that I have been longing for. Embroidered with the finest Mazcab silk, finished with eeligator saliva - it is truly the greatest accessory any goebie should ever need.
  • Player: So... do I get anything as a reward? Will you be telling all of the goebies of my heroic deed on this day?
  • Acca Kanatah: Absolutely not, human! No-one can know that an Acca wears Durzag and Goebbana, no matter how high quality and reasonably priced their fashion is. This must stay between you and me, <player name>[sic]
  • Player: Not even a single goebie?
  • Acca Kanatah: No!
  • Player: Kanatah's secret, it does have a certain ring to it.

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