Due to being an abyssal creature, it's not possible to understand what it is saying. The following is what it will say.

Dialogue Edit

Conversation 1 Edit

  • Abyssal lurker: Djrej gf'ig sgshe...
  • Player: What? Are we in danger, or something?

Conversation 2 Edit

  • Abyssal lurker: To poshi v'kaa!
  • Player: What? Is that even a language?

Conversation 3 Edit

  • Abyssal lurker: G-harrve shelmie?
  • Player: What? Do you want something?

Conversation 4 Edit

  • Abyssal lurker: Jehifk i'ekfh skjd.
  • Player: What? Is there somebody down an old well, or something?

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