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Release date 12 October 2010 (Update)
Hunter level 72
Experience 200
Location South of the Tree Gnome Stronghold
Trap Yaktwee stick
Preferred bait Sprite lure
Retaliation No
Loot Crimson charm slice, Blue charm slice, Green charm slice or Gold charm slice
Examine A projection from a Summoning charm, also called a charm sprite.

A Tranart is a charm sprite that can be hunted south-west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold at level 72 Hunter. It is the second rarest type of sprite and will always appear accompanied by a Gleaelg or by both a Gleaelg and a Slithtils.

Tranarts leave a trail of orange smoke when they attempt to fly away from you. Use your quick reactions to click this sprite, as they will move away from you very quickly.


  • Tranart is a palindrome, which means that it reads the same backwards as it does forward. This also applies to the 2 other charm sprites.

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