Trakerel's Fish Shop
Trakerel's fishing shop
Release date 4 September 2006 (Update)
Kingdom Morytania
Members area Yes
Main music No
Teleportation None
Bank map icon 0 Altar map icon 0
Trakerel's Fish Shop location
Tankerel's Fishing Shop logo

Trakerel's Fish Shop is a closed and ruined fish shop found in north-eastern Meiyerditch.

It is likely that the fish shop was operational during the time of Hallowvale, and that it had been a busy and frequented shop before the vampyre conquest of Morytania. When Lord Drakan conquered Hallowvale and renamed it Meiyerditch, he changed the entire city into a blood farming ghetto. The fish shop was closed down, just like the Skull in a Chest Inn and all other businesses in Hallowvale. Just like the rest of the city, the fish shop is now in ruins. Trakerel, who was likely the owner of the shop, disappeared.

Since the shop is no longer operational, no fishing supplies can be bought here. The shop is only mentioned in the message obtained during Darkness of Hallowvale. It only serves as a landmark to find the blood lab at the north of the shop. Inside, you can find some fish bones and old fishing nets and other fishing supplies.