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Training dummies are found in the Combat Academy in Lumbridge. They can be attacked to practice ability set-ups and to test your damage output. They cannot be killed, as they constantly regenerate health.

They can be toggled between three modes:

Mode Effect Duration
Max hit mode All attacks hit for maximum damage Reverts to normal mode after 5 minutes
Min hit mode All attacks hit for minimum damage, excluding misses Reverts to normal mode after 5 minutes
Normal mode All attacks hit like in regular combat Permanent

Ammo shot at training dummies are lost and cannot be picked up from the ground.

Min hit and max hit modes do not affect Summoning familiars or dreadnips, and they would continue to do random amounts of damage to dummies in such modes.

Player-spawned dummiesEdit

In addition to the three ordinary training dummies, more can be spawned. The attack styles and strength of these dummies can be altered and set by the player, as opposed to the ordinary dummies which have no weakness.

They can be spawned by going to Training Dummy Dispensers around the edge of the academy and selecting the "Dispense dummy" option. This will prompt you to choose an attack style, which will be the style it attacks with. After choosing its attack style, you will be asked its weakness, the available options for which depend on the attack style selected. The types of dummy are:

  • Magic training dummy (Weak to Arrows, Bolts, Thrown, or Nothing)
  • Melee training dummy (Weak to Air, Water, Earth, Fire, or Nothing)
  • Ranged training dummy (Weak to Stab, Slash, Crush, or Nothing)

After choosing the attack style and weakness, you will finally be asked to set the strength of the dummy, which is either "Weaker than me", "The same as me", or "Stronger than me". After choosing the strength, the dummy will finally spawn, and you can attack it. The dummy's damage output scales with the player's own damage dealt and can potentially deal over 2000 damage.

After a dummy is spawned, you can right-click it to enable retaliation, which will allow the dummy to fight back. If it manages to "kill" a player, they will be revived with 10% of their life points with Lady Deathknell exclaiming, "You're not dying on my watch! Remember to get more food if you need it." However, if the dummy is set to attack with magic or ranged, and the player flees too far and is dealt a killing blow, they will die. After a player is revived, the dummy will no longer continue to attack and the retaliation option will need to be re-selected. If players are dealt damage larger than 10% of maximum lifepoints from other than the dummy while fighting it, they will not be revived.

Players holding an Orb of oculus can build a training dummy in their formal garden in their homes.


  • The revival animation when the dummy defeats the player is the same as the animation when Immortality is triggered.
  • Standard training dummies sometimes retaliate against summoning familiars, dealing small amounts of melee damage inaccurately, but only when it is not directly attacked by the player first. When attacked solely with a familiar, it does not regenerate all its health with every hit, but rather when it reaches 0 health.
  • Ruby bolts (e)'s special effect only deals 2500 damage to them.
  • The dummies formerly had 10,000 life points until they were increased to better withstand player attacks.

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