Trainee KGP agent
Trainee KGP agent
Release date 2 June 2009 (Update)
Race Penguin
Members Yes
Quest NPC Hunt for Red Raktuber
Location(s) Iceberg
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine He's a little rough around the edges.
Trainee KGP agent chathead

The Trainee KGP agent is a penguin is charge of guarding the filing room at the Penguin Base on the Iceberg. This KGP Agent in-training features in the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber.

To get past this agent, players would require a Kgp id card which can be obtained from Noodle. Once players get into the filing room, they have to navigate past the guards into a cubicle where a Telegram is hidden. The telegram reveals the location of the Red Raktuber.