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Mahogany toy box built

A mahogany toy box

Toy box is a hot spot found in the costume room of a player-owned house. Toy boxes are used to store any toys that are untradeable. Toys are usually obtained during festivities such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. However, certain tradeable items such as partyhats cannot be stored in this box.

If an item that can be kept in the toy box is with Diango or has been destroyed, it will appear in the toy box automatically.

Note that while rewards from Treasure Hunter can be reclaimed from Diango like holiday event items, they can not be reclaimed from a player's toy box.

Toy boxesEdit

Image Type Level Materials required Flatpack GE price
Oak toy box Oak toy box 50 2 oak planks 1 coins (update)
Teak toy box Teak toy box 68 2 teak planks 6 coins (update)
Mahogany toy box Mahogany toy box 86 2 mahogany planks 13 coins (update)
There is no known distinction other than appearance between the toy boxes.
All toys can be stored in any of the boxes.


Bunny ears Bunny ears
Scythe Scythe
Yo-yo Yo-yo
Rubber chicken Rubber chicken
Zombie head Zombie head
Easter ring Easter ring
Bobble hat Bobble hat
Bobble scarf Bobble scarf
Jester hat Jester hat
Jester scarf Jester scarf
Tri-jester hat Tri-jester hat
Tri-jester scarf Tri-jester scarf
Woolly hat Woolly hat
Woolly scarf Woolly scarf
Red marionetteGreen marionetteBlue marionette Blue marionette[1]
Jack lantern mask Jack lantern mask
Skeleton boots Skeleton boots
Skeleton gloves Skeleton gloves
Skeleton leggings Skeleton leggings
Skeleton shirt Skeleton shirt
Skeleton mask Skeleton mask
Reindeer hat Reindeer hat
Wintumber tree Wintumber tree
Chicken feet Chicken feet
Chicken legs Chicken legs
Chicken wings Chicken wings
Chicken head Chicken head
Grim reaper hood Grim reaper hood
Snow globe Snow globe
Chocatrice cape Chocatrice cape
Witch top Witch top / Warlock top Warlock top
Witch skirt Witch skirt / Warlock legs Warlock legs
Witch cloak Witch cloak / Warlock cloak Warlock cloak
Santa costume top (male) / Santa costume top (female) Santa costume top
Santa costume legs (male) / Santa costume top (female) Santa costume top
Santa costume gloves Santa costume gloves
Santa costume boots Santa costume boots
Ice amulet Ice amulet
Cornucopia (empty) Cornucopia
Easter carrot Easter carrot
Eek Eek
Web cloak Web cloak
Candy cane Candy cane
Christmas ghost hood Christmas ghost hood
Christmas ghost top Christmas ghost top
Christmas ghost bottoms Christmas ghost bottoms
Squirrel ears Squirrel ears
Magnifying glass Magnifying glass
Bone brooch Bone brooch
Investigator's coat Investigator's coat
Investigator's trousers Investigator's trousers
Investigator's hat Investigator's hat
Mysterious book Mysterious book
Salty claws hat Salty claws hat
Heimland games souvenir Heimland games souvenir
Golden cracker Golden cracker
Hati paws Hati paws
Hati head Hati head
Hati cloak Hati cloak
Sköll boots Sköll boots
Sköll amulet Sköll amulet
Sunbeam crown Sunbeam crown
Icicle crown Icicle crown
Rock fragment Rock fragment
Avalani's hat Avalani's hat
Avalani's robe top Avalani's robe top
Avalani's robe bottoms Avalani's robe bottoms
Deathcon lanyard Deathcon lanyard
Deathcon t-shirt Deathcon t-shirt
Hourglass Hour glass
Sock mask Sock mask
Turkey hat Turkey hat[2]
Chrome goggles Chrome goggles
Christmas wand Christmas wand
Sparkles Sparkles
Carnival headdress Carnival headdress
Egg on face mask Egg on face mask
Chocolate egg on face mask Chocolate egg on face mask
Eggsterminator Eggsterminator
Cape of Validation Cape of Validation
Diamond sceptre Diamond sceptre
Diamond crown Diamond crown
Corgi Corgi
Monkey cape Monkey cape
Bronze torch Bronze torch
Silver torch Silver torch
Gold torch Gold torch
Bronze athlete's shoes Bronze athlete's shoes
Bronze athlete's gloves Bronze athlete's gloves
Bronze athlete's shirt Bronze athlete's shirt
Bronze athlete's legs Bronze athlete's legs
Bronze athlete's hat Bronze athlete's hat
Silver athlete's shoes Silver athlete's shoes
Silver athlete's gloves Silver athlete's gloves
Silver athlete's shirt Silver athlete's shirt
Silver athlete's legs Silver athlete's legs
Silver athlete's hat Silver athlete's hat
Gold athlete's shoes Gold athlete's shoes
Gold athlete's gloves Gold athlete's gloves
Gold athlete's shirt Gold athlete's shirt
Gold athlete's legs Gold athlete's legs
Gold athlete's hat Gold athlete's hat
Skull mask Skull mask
Ectoplasmator Ectoplasmator
Hallowed hood Hallowed hood / Unhallowed hood Unhallowed hood
Hallowed torso Hallowed torso / Unhallowed torso Unhallowed torso
Hallowed robe skirt Hallowed robe skirt / Unhallowed robe skirt Unhallowed robe skirt
Hallowed boots Hallowed boots / Unhallowed boots Unhallowed boots
Hallowed gloves Hallowed gloves / Unhallowed gloves Unhallowed gloves
Hallowed cloak Hallowed cloak / Unhallowed cloak Unhallowed cloak
Scarecrow mask Scarecrow mask[2]
200m glasses 200m glasses
Boogie bow Boogie bow
Beta scientist torso Beta scientist torso
Beta scientist legs Beta scientist legs
Beta scientist head Beta scientist head
Beta scientist feet Beta scientist feet
Beta scientist gloves Beta scientist gloves
Beta scientist backpack Beta scientist backpack
Santa beard Santa beard
Santa sack Santa sack
Lovestruck pendant Lovestruck pendant[2]
Heartbreak pendant Heartbreak pendant[2]
Butterfly mask Butterfly mask
Butterfly top Butterfly top
Butterfly legs Butterfly legs
Builder's apron Builder's apron
Explorer Jack's helmet Explorer Jack's helmet
Tinsel scarf Tinsel scarf
Festive jumper Festive jumper
San'tar spawnling San'tar spawnling
Sam's hat Sam's hat
Gatherer's cape Gatherer's cape
Gatherer's hood Gatherer's hood
Combatant's cape Combatant's cape
Combatant's hood Combatant's hood
Artisan's cape Artisan's cape
Artisan's helm Artisan's helm
Support cape Support cape
Support hood Support hood
Expert skillcape shard bag Expert skillcape shard bag
Snowboard (tier 1) Snowboard (tier 1)
Snowboard (tier 2) Snowboard (tier 2)
Snowboard (tier 3) Snowboard (tier 3)
Snowboard (tier 4) Snowboard (tier 4)
Snowboard (tier 5) Snowboard (tier 5)
Snowboard (shark) Snowboard (shark)
Snowboard (skull) Snowboard (skull)
Snowboard (frosty) Snowboard (frosty)
Mask of gu Mask of gu
The Way of Gu The Way of Gu
Gu uwagi Gu uwagi
Gu hakama Gu hakama
  1. ^ There is only one marionette at a time in the toy box but the colour is random.
  2. ^ a b c d This item is only listed in the toy box if the player has obtained it.

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