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For the override, see Replica Torva Armour.
Torva armour male

Torva armour is a full set of degradable power armour that requires 80 Defence and 80 Constitution to wear. It was first mentioned on 3 January 2011[1] and released into the game on 10 January 2011[2]. Torva armour pieces are obtained as rare drops from Nex, the boss of the Zarosian stronghold of the God Wars Dungeon, the Ancient Prison. It is the melee counterpart to Virtus armour and Pernix armour, which are respectively Magic and Ranged sets.

As tier 80 equipment, Torva armour is currently the third highest-level melee armour set in the game, behind Tetsu armour and Malevolent armour

Wearing any piece of Torva, Pernix, or Virtus armour, or wielding a zaryte bow or an Ascension crossbow, will cause all factions of monsters in the God Wars Dungeon (aside from bosses and Zarosian monsters in the Ancient Prison) to be unaggressive.

Degrading and repairEdit

Torva armour fully degrades after 10 hours of combat. Its bonuses are not lost as it degrades; they remain constant throughout the ten hours. The percentage of an item's charge can be checked by right-clicking it and selecting 'check-charge'. Dying with Torva armour decreases charge by 20%. Each individual item in the set can be repaired either at Bob's Brilliant Axes or at an armour stand in a player-owned house. Repair costs at an armour stand decrease linearly based on the player's Smithing level, which can be boosted, but not assisted.

Torva Set Repair Cost
Piece Bob's Brilliant Axes Armour stand with 100 Smithing
Torva full helm
Torva full helm 500,000 coins 250,000 coins
Torva platebody
Torva platebody 2,000,000 coins 1,000,000 coins
Torva platelegs
Torva platelegs 1,000,000 coins 500,000 coins
Torva gloves
Torva gloves 200,000 coins 100,000 coins
Torva boots
Torva boots 100,000 coins 50,000 coins
Full set 3,800,000 coins 1,900,000 coins


Torva Grand Exchange cost
Torva full helmTorva full helm6,417,842 [view]
Torva platebodyTorva platebody16,847,943 [view]
Torva platelegsTorva platelegs16,353,451 [view]
Torva glovesTorva gloves5,983,714 [view]
Torva bootsTorva boots16,620,476 [view]
Total price62,223,426
[view] [talk]

Item shards are obtained from certain monsters while having CoinShare on. When a rare drop is given by the monster, 120 item shards are divided up among the involved players and sent to their banks. 120 shards can then be combined to give the original item.

Icon Shard Price x120 Total
Torva full helm shard Torva full helm shard 97,039 11,644,680
Torva platebody shard Torva platebody shard 207,468 24,896,160
Torva platelegs shard Torva platelegs shard 190,860 22,903,200
Torva gloves shard Torva gloves shard 76,033 9,123,960
Torva boots shard Torva boots shard 146,646 17,597,520
Total price 86,165,520


Mainhand info Off-hand info Attributes Strength bonus
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence-icon Constitution-icon Prayer-icon Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Torva full helmTorva full helm - - - - - - 338 110 2 20 - -
Torva platebodyTorva platebody - - - - - - 389 220 3 30 - -
Torva platelegsTorva platelegs - - - - - - 372 165 2 25 - -
Totals None - - None - - 1099 495 7 75 - -
Torva glovesTorva gloves - - - - - - 84 0 2 12 - -
Torva bootsTorva boots - - - - - - 84 0 2 12 - -
Totals - - - - - - 1267 495 11 99 - -


  • "Torva" is Latin for "savage", "grim", "fierce", or "wild"[3].
  • Torva armour looks quite similar to the armour of Lord Sulla on the cover of the book RuneScape: Betrayal at Falador.
  • When first released, Torva, Pernix, and Virtus items became untradeable once degraded and repaired. This was flagged as a glitch and soon fixed.
  • Ancient warriors wear a light brown version of this.
  • Max can be seen wearing parts of this armour.
  • In the promotional video for the return of free trade and the wilderness, some players could be seen wearing Torva armour even though it had not been released. The video was uploaded on 10 December 2010 which is about a month before it came out.
  • Torva armour, along with many other armours, received a graphical rework on 6 March 2012. Pernix and Virtus armours were not updated until 5 September 2012.
  • Whenever Nex drops a piece of Torva, Pernix, or Virtus armour, (outside of coinshare), a server wide announcement is broadcast to all players currently logged into that particular world.
  • Torva armour is named and modelled after Torva, an elite warrior who served in Nex's army during the Third Age.
  • As of 3 March 2014, the armour can now be exchanged for an armour set instead.



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