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This article is about the entity. For the armour, see Torva equipment.
Torva armour male

The design of the Torva armour is based on Torva's armour appearance.

Torva was a very powerful Zarosian during the Second Age and a master of melee combat. He was recruited to Nex's army after he single-handedly defeated a pack of ripper demons that had attacked his village and showed no fear when he faced Hazeel, who had become frustrated with the resistance he was showing. Fighting in many battles, he died as an elder of natural causes. Torva armour was based on armour that he wore into battle.

Torva started from humble roots in a small village called Flamtaer in Morytania. He single-handedly turned away a pack of ripper demons, while his family and neighbours lay dead about him. Even when Hazeel, the Mahjarrat, grew impatient and decided to complete the job himself, Torva showed no fear. Nex chose to protect Torva then, and trained the human in melee combat.


  • "Torva" is loosely translated from Latin as "savage, fierce, and pitiless".

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