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Level 95
Book Ancient Curses
Drain rate 300 points per minute (1 point per 0.2 seconds)
Effect +10 Magic-icon levels (for accuracy)
+10% Magic-icon damage
+10 Defence-icon levels
-6 to -10 enemy Magic-icon levels (for accuracy)
-6 to -10 enemy Defence-icon levels
-9% to -15% enemy Magic-icon damage (PvM)
-6% to -10% enemy Magic-icon damage (PvP)

Torment is an Ancient curse that requires 95 Prayer to activate, the highest alongside Anguish and Turmoil of all prayers in the game. It can boost the user's magic accuracy, magic damage, and Defence significantly, as well as drain those of opponents, making it the strongest magic-boosting prayer in the game.

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Torment Activation
Torment sound


Torment adds 10 levels to Magic when calculating hit chance, adds 10 levels to Defence, and boosts magic damage by 10%; it drains opponents' Magic when calculating their hit chance by 6 to 10 levels, drains their Defence by 6 to 10 levels, and drains their magic damage by 9% to 15% (6% to 10% in PvP). The boosts to the user are constant, but like leech curses, the draining of opponents must strengthen over time.

A player will gain the same magic and defence bonuses regardless of an enemy's class, but Torment cannot lower its damage or accuracy if it does not use magic. Note that most high-level bosses cannot be drained by Torment or any ancient curse.

Sap and leech curses cannot be used alongside Torment.

Torment and AuguryEdit

Torment is often compared to the prayer Augury, which is the strongest Magic prayer on the standard prayerbook. Augury requires 70 Prayer, 70 Defence, and completion of the Knight Waves Training Grounds; Torment requires 95 Prayer and the Temple at Senntisten quest.

If comparing stat increases, Torment is not much stronger than Augury, yet Augury lacks the ability to drain enemy stats while Torment can drain them strongly. Also, the healing curse Soul Split can be used on the Ancient Curses with 92 Prayer and provides another incentive to use the book.

See alsoEdit

  • Anguish, the Ranged equivalent of Torment
  • Turmoil, the Melee equivalent of Torment

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