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Tomato seed detail

Tomato seeds are the fourth seeds able to be grown in an allotment patch. They may be obtained by pickpocketing Master Farmers, stealing them from Olivia's seed stall in Draynor Village (though Olivia does not sell them), purchasing them from Head Farmer Jones in Taverley, or buying them from Mrs. Winkin for 10 Vinesweeper points each.

A fully grown marigold or white lily in a neighbouring flower patch will protect growing tomatoes from disease.

The value of one tomato seed in Mobilising Armies is 2 Investment Credits.

Tomato seed
Farming level 12
Patch Allotment
Payment 2 sacks of cabbages (10)
Time 40 minutes (4x10 minutes)
Seeds per 3 seeds
Planting 12.5
Harvesting 14
Crop Tomato
Yield[?] 4-8
Stage Description Image
Healthy Tomato plant
1 The tomato seeds have only just been planted. Tomato1
2 The tomato plants grow twice as large as before. Tomato2
3 The tomato plants grow larger, and small green tomatoes are now observable. Tomato3
4 The tomato plants grow thicker to hold up the weight of the tomatoes. The tomatoes are now light orange and slightly larger on the plant. Tomato4
5 The tomato plants are ready to harvest. The tomato plants leaves are larger and the tomatoes are ripe red. Tomato5

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Coeden's Seed Store4Coins 4Coins 0Yes
Draynor Seed Market4Coins 4Coins 0Yes
Head Farmer Jones's Farming Shop4Coins 4Coins 10No
Mrs Winkin's World of Seeds10Vinesweeper pointsYes

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black Knight30; 333Rare
Catablepon 53; 541Rare
Cave crawler53; 74; 781–3Common
Cave crawler53; 74; 781–2Uncommon
Cave horror771–2Uncommon
Cave horror (elite)861–2Uncommon
Desert Lizard 35; 49; 633Common
Draynor Seed MarketN/A1Uncommon
Gelatinous abomination43Unknown
General malpractitioner841–3Common
Giant ant worker49UnknownUncommon
Guard18; 25; 353–4Uncommon
Hill giant441–3Common
Hobgoblin28; 30; 32; 35; 913Uncommon
Jungle horror671–2Rare
Lesser reborn ranger681Uncommon
Master FarmerN/A1–2Common
Mutated zygomite58; 653Uncommon
Rock lobster1001Uncommon
Rockslug42; 493Uncommon
'Rum'-pumped crab841–3Common
Skeletal hand703Common
Small Lizard213Common
White Knight353Common
Zombie hand753Common


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