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Tolna human chathead
Tolna (Adult)
Release date 3 April 2006 (Update)
Race Human
Members only Yes
Quest NPC A Soul's Bane
Location Dungeon of Tolna
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Where did his boot go?
Launa location
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Tolna Talvoy is the child of Launa and Brana. He is involved in A Soul's Bane, ironically being both the principal antagonist and the non-player character to be rescued.

After being defeated, Tolna returns to his human form, and is reunited with his parents. He safeguards the rift so that passers-by will not accidentally suffer the same fate he did. He allows players to enter the rift so they can train on the now-stronger creatures they encountered during the quest.

Monster Edit

Tolna also features as a monster that players must defeat as part of A Soul's Bane. It is a three-headed monster, and all three heads must be defeated. Each head is level 53 and poisonous, but it is easy to defeat for its level. If a player poisons one head, then all the heads are poisoned.

After being defeated, Tolna returns to his human form.



Trivia Edit

  • It is interesting to note that Tolna's eyes have changed colour by this stage; they were green when he was a child, but are blue by the time he is an adult.
  • Tolna's monster form has no chathead. Instead, his dialogue is spoken in the style of being told as a statement.

Gallery Edit

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