Tokoko is a group of islands in The Bowl region of the Wushanko Isles. They are training islands for the Death Lotus assassins. They are also pockmarked with fishing villages, which form a useful cover.


  • In A Daring Raid, the player raids the training grounds on Tokoko belonging to the Death Lotus assassins.
  • In A Divine Lesson, the Missionary believes that there's ample opportunity for answering his calling at Tokoko. There are Death Lotus assassins, caught in a life of sin, who need to hear the word of Saradomin.
  • In Expansion, the player sets up a bastion to exploit the natural reserves and produce on Tokoko.
  • In In Dire Need, the fishermen of Tokoko are in desperate need of supplies. The player may bring aid to help them recover from a whale attack.
  • In Sabotage, the player sends a crew to sabotage the hulls of the Death Lotus assassins' ship to ensure that his captains remain competitive.
  • In The Cure, the player must find an elderly hermit with knowledge of the plague which has spread to the people of Tokoko.
  • The White Snake Lady has been spotted near the Jade Bay of Tokoko. The player may send a ship to fight her for fame and glory.
  • In To the Rescue, the player sends a ship to protect local fishermen on Tokoko from a rogue Death Lotus assassin.
  • In another To the Rescue voyage, the player sends a ship to free political prisoners held captive by Death Lotus assassins operating in Tokoko.

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