Token unlocks are certain types of content are only accessible through unlocking using a token. This includes Pets, Cosmetic overrides, Holiday rewards, etc. They are one-use, and are consumed once used. After unlocking the content, they cannot be used again, even if another token of the same type is obtained again.

Icon/Name Unlocks Date Category
Sunbathe emote Sunbathe emote Sunbathe 1 August 2012 Emote
Summer prize token Summer prize token Various 25 June 2015 Various
Beach ball token Beach ball token Beach ball 29 June 2015 Item
Bucket head token Bucket head token Bucket head 29 June 2015 Cosmetic
Bunting whip token Bunting whip token Bunting whip 29 June 2015 Cosmetic
Buried in sand rest emote token Buried in sand rest emote token Buried in Sand Resting 29 June 2015 Animation
Clawdia hat token Clawdia hat token Clawdia hat 29 June 2015 Cosmetic
Dragon ring token Dragon ring token Dragon ring 29 June 2015 Cosmetic
Snorkel token Snorkel token Snorkel 29 June 2015 Cosmetic
Stick of rock token Stick of rock token Stick of rock sword 29 June 2015 Cosmetic
Surfboard emote token Surfboard emote token Surfboard 29 June 2015 Emote
Throwing disc token Throwing disc token Anti-dragon throwing disc case 29 June 2015 Item
Throwing starfish token Throwing starfish token Throwing starfish 29 June 2015 Cosmetic
Gillbert pet token Gillbert pet token Gillbert 13 July 2015 Pet
Phoebe pet token Phoebe pet token Phoebe 13 July 2015 Pet
Meditation rest animation token Meditation rest animation token Meditation Resting 3 August 2015 Animation
Pet of seasons token Pet of seasons token Pet of Seasons 8 October 2015 Pet
Luchador mask token Luchador mask token Various 14 January 2016 Item
Shard of energy weapon token Shard of energy weapon token Shard of energy 18 February 2016 Cosmetic
Shard of havoc weapon token Shard of havoc weapon token Shard of havoc 18 February 2016 Cosmetic
Shard of malice weapon token Shard of malice weapon token Shard of malice 18 February 2016 Cosmetic
Gem cape token Gem cape token Gem cape 2 June 2016 Cosmetic
Gem crown token Gem crown token Gem crown 2 June 2016 Cosmetic
Gem necklace token Gem necklace token Gem necklace 2 June 2016 Cosmetic
Clawdia wings token Clawdia wings token Clawdia Wings 15 August 2016 Cosmetic
Conga eel whip token Conga eel whip token Conga Eel Whip 15 August 2016 Cosmetic
Coral sword token Coral sword token Coral Sword 15 August 2016 Cosmetic
Coral dagger token Coral dagger token Coral Dagger 15 August 2016 Cosmetic
Duck ring token Duck ring token Duck Ring 15 August 2016 Cosmetic
Ice lolly wand token Ice lolly wand token Ice Lolly Wand 15 August 2016 Cosmetic
Hacky sack resting emote token Hacky sack resting emote token Hacky Sack Resting 15 August 2016 Animation
Lifeguard chair head token Lifeguard chair head token Lifeguard Chair Hat 15 August 2016 Cosmetic
Pufferfish follower pet token Pufferfish follower pet token Gus (pet) 15 August 2016 Pet
Sand dunk resting emote token Sand dunk resting emote token Sand Dunk Resting 15 August 2016 Animation
Shark fin token Shark fin token Shark Fin 15 August 2016 Cosmetic
Starfish follower pet token Starfish follower pet token Sandra 15 August 2016 Pet
Water balloon launcher token Water balloon launcher token Water Balloon Launcher 15 August 2016 Cosmetic
Beachball orb token Beachball orb token Beachball Orb 18 August 2016 Cosmetic
Clawdia claws token Clawdia claws token Clawdia Claws 18 August 2016 Cosmetic
Ink shooter token Ink shooter token Ink Shooter 18 August 2016 Cosmetic
Seahorse follower pet token Seahorse follower pet token Coraline 18 August 2016 Pet
Surfboard shield token Surfboard shield token Surfboard Shield 18 August 2016 Cosmetic
Idol crabletine token Idol crabletine token Idol crabletine 10 October 2016 Pet
Zombie walk override token Zombie walk override token Zombie Walk (Override) 24 October 2016 Animation
Shard of chaos weapon token Shard of chaos weapon token Shard of chaos 31 October 2016 Cosmetic
Shard of suffering weapon token Shard of suffering weapon token Shard of suffering 31 October 2016 Cosmetic
Shard of despite weapon token Shard of despite weapon token Shard of despite 17 November 2016 Cosmetic
Rainbow amulet token Rainbow amulet token Rainbow Amulet 24 November 2016 Cosmetic
Conga dance override token Conga dance override token Conga Walk 5 January 2017 Animation
Gem sack token Gem sack token Gem sack 16 March 2017 Cosmetic
Bucking yak teleport token Bucking yak teleport token Bucking Yak teleport 24 April 2017 Animation
Contact juggling resting token Contact juggling resting token Contact Juggling Resting 24 April 2017 Animation
Crystal ball token Crystal ball token Fayre Crystal Ball 24 April 2017 Cosmetic
Fayre dancer emote pack 1 token Fayre dancer emote pack 1 token Various 24 April 2017 Emote
Fayre dancer emote pack 2 token Fayre dancer emote pack 2 token Various 24 April 2017 Emote
Fortune cape token Fortune cape token Fayre Fortune Cape 24 April 2017 Cosmetic
Hypnotic parasol token Hypnotic parasol token Hypnotic parasol 24 April 2017 Pet
Mallet token Mallet token Fayre Mallet 24 April 2017 Cosmetic
Pickaxe hat token Pickaxe hat token Fayre Pickaxe Hat 24 April 2017 Cosmetic
Test of strength emote token Test of strength emote token Test of Strength 24 April 2017 Emote
Yak balloon token Yak balloon token Yak Balloon 24 April 2017 Item
Yak plushie token Yak plushie token Yak plushie 24 April 2017 Item
Zoltan pet token Zoltan pet token Zoltan 24 April 2017 Pet
Treasure resting animation token Treasure resting animation token Treasure Resting 10 May 2017 Animation
Balloon rest token Balloon rest token Balloon Resting 20 June 2017 Animation
Springy pet token Springy pet token Springy 20 June 2017 Pet
Bubble blower token Bubble blower token Bubble blower 31 July 2017 Item
Hawai'i parasol token Hawai'i parasol token Hawai'i parasol 31 July 2017 Item
Kahului parasol token Kahului parasol token Kahului parasol 31 July 2017 Item
Kauai parasol token Kauai parasol token Kauai parasol 31 July 2017 Item
Maui parasol token Maui parasol token Maui parasol 31 July 2017 Item
O'ahu parasol token O'ahu parasol token O'ahu parasol 31 July 2017 Item
Octopus companion pet token Octopus companion pet token Octo 31 July 2017 Pet
Pyramid hat head token Pyramid hat head token Pyramid Hat 31 July 2017 Cosmetic
Sandcastle companion pet token Sandcastle companion pet token Sandy 31 July 2017 Pet
Palm tree rest emote token Palm tree rest emote token Palm tree Resting 31 July 2017 Animation
Rainbow bow token Rainbow bow token Rainbow Bow 7 August 2017 Cosmetic
Novtumberfest outfit token Novtumberfest outfit token NovtumberFest Outfit 9 October 2017 Cosmetic
Gingerbread necklace token Gingerbread necklace token NovtumberFest Gingerbread Necklace 9 October 2017 Cosmetic
Beer goggles token Beer goggles token NovtumberFest Beer Goggles 9 October 2017 Cosmetic
Pretzel shield token Pretzel shield token NovtumberFest Pretzel Shield 9 October 2017 Cosmetic
Stein weapon token Stein weapon token Main-hand and off-hand stein 9 October 2017 Cosmetic
Lederhosen terrorbird mount token Lederhosen terrorbird mount token Lederhosen terrorbird mount 9 October 2017 Item
Keg companion pet token Keg companion pet token Keggy 9 October 2017 Pet
Wolpertinger companion pet token Wolpertinger companion pet token Tinger 9 October 2017 Pet
Party fever walk override token Party fever walk override token Party Fever Walk 9 October 2017 Animation
Carrying steins resting token Carrying steins resting token Carrying Steins Resting 9 October 2017 Animation
Novtumberfest dance emotes token Novtumberfest dance emotes token NovtumberFest Dancing (includes 4 emotes: Stamp, Drop, Slap and March) 9 October 2017 Animation
Snowverload plush token Snowverload plush token Snowverload plushie 6 November 2017 Item
Mammoth plush token Mammoth plush token Mammoth plushie 6 November 2017 Item
Penguin plush token Penguin plush token Penguin plushie 6 November 2017 Item
Buddy pet token Buddy pet token Buddy 6 November 2017 Pet
Christmas lootbeam token Christmas lootbeam token Christmas loot beam 6 November 2017 Animation
Premier Club reward token Premier Club reward token Various (Past Premier Club rewards) 20 November 2017 Various
Rainbow halo token Rainbow halo token Rainbow Halo 22 November 2017 Cosmetic
Rainbow wand token Rainbow wand token Rainbow Wand 22 November 2017 Cosmetic
Pot of gold token Pot of gold token Rainbow Pot of Gold 22 November 2017 Cosmetic
Present sack token Present sack token Present sack 1 December 2017 Cosmetic
Elf shoes token Elf shoes token Elf Shoes 1 December 2017 Cosmetic
Christmas tree cape token Christmas tree cape token Christmas Tree Cape 1 December 2017 Cosmetic
Rudolph necklace token Rudolph necklace token Rudolph Necklace 1 December 2017 Cosmetic
Wreath shield token Wreath shield token Wreath Shield 1 December 2017 Cosmetic
Present head token Present head token Christmas Present Helmet 1 December 2017 Cosmetic
Present hammer weapon token Present hammer weapon token Present Hammer 1 December 2017 Cosmetic
Stocking teleport token Stocking teleport token Stocking Teleport 1 December 2017 Animation
Snowman pet token Snowman pet token Tony 1 December 2017 Pet
Stack of presents token Stack of presents token Stack of presents 1 December 2017 Item
Ocean's Archer Bow token Ocean's Archer Bow token Ocean's Archer Bow 10 January 2018 Cosmetic
Ocean's Archer Crossbow token Ocean's Archer Crossbow token Ocean's Archer Crossbow 10 January 2018 Cosmetic
Ocean's Archer Head token Ocean's Archer Head token Ocean's Archer Head 10 January 2018 Cosmetic
Ocean's Archer Body and Hands token Ocean's Archer Body and Hands token Ocean's Archer Body and Ocean's Archer Hands 10 January 2018 Cosmetic
Ocean's Archer Legs and Feet token Ocean's Archer Legs and Feet token Ocean's Archer Legs and Ocean's Archer Feet 10 January 2018 Cosmetic
Assassin walk override token Assassin walk override token Assassin Walk 24 January 2018 Animation
Purified 2h crossbow token Purified 2h crossbow token Purified 2h Crossbow 8 February 2018 Cosmetic
Purified crossbow token Purified crossbow token Purified Crossbow and Purified off-hand Crossbow 8 February 2018 Cosmetic
Purified shortbow token Purified shortbow token Purified Shortbow 8 February 2018 Cosmetic
Purified swords token Purified swords token Purified Sword and Purified off-hand Sword 8 February 2018 Cosmetic
Purified greatsword token Purified greatsword token Purified Greatsword 8 February 2018 Cosmetic
Purified halberd token Purified halberd token Purified Halberd 8 February 2018 Cosmetic
Purified staff token Purified staff token Purified Staff 8 February 2018 Cosmetic
Purified wand and orb token Purified wand and orb token Purified Wand and Purified Orb 8 February 2018 Cosmetic


The following are not named "Tokens", but behave as such.

Icon/Name Unlocks Date Category
Cracked phoenix egg Cracked phoenix egg Phoenix eggling (Mean) 6 January 2009 Pet
Phoenix egg Phoenix egg Phoenix eggling (Cute) 6 January 2009 Pet
Cresbot (unpoked) Cresbot (unpoked) Cresbot 4 March 2013 Pet
Edimmu (item) Edimmu (item) Eddy 10 November 2014 Pet
Kethsi outfit scroll Kethsi outfit scroll Kethsi outfit 15 June 2015 Cosmetic
Mazcab ability codex Mazcab ability codex Various 13 July 2015 Ability
Corruption Blast Ability Codex Corruption Blast Ability Codex Corruption Blast 13 July 2015 Ability
Corruption Shot Ability Codex Corruption Shot Ability Codex Corruption Shot 13 July 2015 Ability
Onslaught Ability Codex Onslaught Ability Codex Onslaught 13 July 2015 Ability
Storm Shards and Shatter Ability Codex Storm Shards and Shatter Ability Codex Storm Shards and Shatter 13 July 2015 Ability
Reprisal Ability Codex Reprisal Ability Codex Reprisal 27 June 2016 Ability
Mazcab teleport codex Mazcab teleport codex Mazcab Teleport 31 July 2017 Teleport
Intricate blood stained chest Intricate blood stained chest Cruor battle robes 30 January 2017 Cosmetic
Intricate ice chest Intricate ice chest Glacies battle robes 30 January 2017 Cosmetic
Intricate shadow chest Intricate shadow chest Umbra battle robes 30 January 2017 Cosmetic
Intricate smoke-shrouded chest Intricate smoke-shrouded chest Fumus battle robes 30 January 2017 Cosmetic
Praesul codex Praesul codex Various 30 January 2017 Prayer
Corrupted egg Corrupted egg Ishhara 5 June 2017 Pet
Slimy egg Slimy egg Squeck 5 June 2017 Pet
Lucky dragonkin coin Lucky dragonkin coin Diddykin 4 September 2017 Pet
Soul fragment (The Magister) Boss pets Various 5 January 2015 Pet
Brains Skilling pets Various 22 August 2016 Pet
Flaming sword enchantment Flaming sword enchantment Flaming Sword Enchantment 26 February 2018 Cosmetic