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This article is about the Port Sarim Invasion item. For other uses, see Token (disambiguation).
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Token detail

Tokens are the reward currency for the Port Sarim Invasion. Players could originally collect up to 2,000 per day doing the various activities throughout the port, in addition to a free 200 given to you when talking to either Guard Captain Roarkwin or Seasinger Jemi for the first time (you can only claim them from one of the two). On 23 July 2016, the cap was increased to 4,000 per day.

200 tokens can be converted into a Supply cache.

Tokens can also be used to check the progress towards the daily cap and to configure experience choices in the event.

1-2 Tokens are received per successful action unless using a Conch, which is then increased to a maximum yield of 3 per action.

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