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Toad bark scroll detail

The toad bark scroll enables the use of the Toad bark special move for the Barker toad familiar. Toad bark scrolls are made by using Barker toad pouches on a Summoning obelisk, providing 0.1 Summoning experience and 10 Toad bark scrolls. If the Voice of Seren is active in the Amlodd District in Prifddinas, using the Prifddinas obelisk will give 12 scrolls per pouch.

A maximum of 500 scrolls can be used on a barker toad familiar to both store the scrolls and allow the familiar to automatically use the scrolls. They can be obtained again by clicking "Take BoB" in the summoning interface. They can also be added to enchanted headgear for a similar effect. However, fewer scrolls can be stored in them.

Toad BarkEdit

Toad Bark is a special move of the Barker Toad, activated by a Toad bark scroll. When used, the barker toad does the same attack as if it was loaded with a cannonball. Each use of a Toad bark scroll requires six special move points.

Toad Bark


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