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For the Dungeoneering titles, see Dungeoneering/Titles.
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Titles are honourifics, accolades, ranks, and other descriptions that modify a player's name as either a prefix or a suffix. Titles will appear with a player's name in public chat, when the player is right-clicked, on the forums, and on the player's adventurer's log. Titles are accessed and changed through the Gear Interface under the "Titles" tab. Titles may be obtained in game or from Solomon's General Store.

Solomon's General StoreEdit

Solomon's General Store offers titles that may be bought using either Runecoins or Loyalty points. Some titles can be purchased with either currency, but others can only be purchased with loyalty points. As with all purchases from Solomon's General Store, members receive a 10% discount when buying titles with Runecoins.

Runecoins or Loyalty pointsEdit

Title Points Runecoins
Free Members
[Name] the Thrifty 0 0 0
Lord / Lady [Name] 1,000 10 9
Sir / Dame [Name] 1,000 10 9
Cheerful [Name] 1,920 20 18
Grumpy [Name] 1,920 20 18
[Name] the Tanned 3,456 36 32
Duderino / Dudette [Name] 4,000 40 36
Lionheart [Name] 4,000 40 36
[Name] Junior 4,224 44 40
The Outrageous [Name] 4,608 48 43
Athlete [Name] 5,000 50 45
[Name] the Stylish 4,992 52 47
The Mysterious [Name] 5,376 56 50
The Adorable [Name] 5,760 60 54
Esquire / Ms [Name] 5,760 60 54
Master / Miss [Name] 5,760 60 54
Mr / Mrs [Name] 5,760 60 54
The Untouchable [Name] 5,760 60 54
[Name] the Intimidating 6,528 68 61
Doctor [Name] 6,720 70 63
[Name] the Wild 7,680 80 72
[Name] the Hot 7,680 80 72
[Name] the Suave / the Elegant 7,680 80 72
Crusader [Name] 8,000 80 72
Hellraiser [Name] 8,000 80 72
[Name] the Skilful 8,064 84 76
The [Name] 9,600 100 90
[Name] the Handsome / the Beautiful 9,600 100 90
Baron / Baroness [Name] 10,000 100 90
Desperado [Name] 10,000 100 90
Count / Countess [Name] 15,000 150 135
Overlord [Name] 15,000 150 135
Prince / Princess [Name] 15,000 150 135
Bandito [Name] 20,000 200 180
Duke / Duchess [Name] 20,000 200 180
Justiciar [Name] 20,000 200 180

Loyalty points onlyEdit

Title Points
Big Cheese [Name] 25,000
Bigwig [Name] 25,000
King / Queen [Name] 25,000
Archon [Name] 25,000
Emperor / Empress [Name] 30,000
Wunderkind [Name] 50,000
Witch King / Witch Queen [Name] 50,000
The Awesome [Name] 50,000
[Name] the Magnificent 50,000
[Name] the Undefeated 50,000
[Name] the Strange 50,000
[Name] the Divine 50,000
[Name] the Fallen 50,000
[Name] the Warrior 50,000

Packs titles (Runecoins only)Edit

These titles are unlocked with several other items as part of a pack, rather than bought individually.

Pack Title Runecoins
Free Members
Zaros pack [Name] the Empty [Name] the Shadow Praetor [Name] 1,666 1,500
[Name] Dream of Mah [Name] of Senntisten [Name] of the Second Age
[Name] the Betrayed [Name] the Muspah [Name] the Nihil
Assassin pack Assassin [Name] 1,800 1,620
Dwarven Warsuit pack The Mighty [Name] 1,800 1,620
Flyboy / Flygirl [Name]


Wizard titlesEdit

After the completion of Rune Mysteries, the rune guardian can assign one of four titles:

  • [Name] the Blue
  • [Name] the Red
  • [Name] the Green
  • [Name] the Grey

After completing Rune Mysteries, the player can choose their title by talking to the rune guardian. After completing Rune Memories, the title Archmage [Name] can be unlocked from Archmage Sedridor with 99 Magic and Runecrafting.

Vampyric titlesEdit

Partway through The Branches of Darkmeyer, players must create a reputation for themselves amongst the Vyrewatch, earning themselves a title. Previously it was required to wear the full Darkmeyer disguise to display the title, they can now be displayed without restriction.

Status Title
0–24% Vyreling [Name]
25–49% Vyre Grunt [Name]
50–99% Vyrewatch [Name]
100% Vyrelord / Vyrelady [Name]

TzHaar titlesEdit

After completing The Elder Kiln, TzHaar-Mej-Ak can assign the title Yt'Haar-[Name], meaning sacred-cold. After The Brink of Extinction, he can also assign TzHaar-[Name]. These titles can also be chosen from the wardrobe.

Thief titlesEdit

After completing Stolen Hearts, members can return to Khnum in the Draynor jail to receive one of four thief titles. The initial thief title is determined from the answers to Khnum's questions during Stolen Hearts, but Khnum will assign any title afterwards.

  • Artful Dodger [Name]
  • [Name] the Enforcer
  • Don [Name]
  • [Name] the Swindler

Knightly titlesEdit

Completing The Death of Chivalry unlocks four titles.

  • [Name] the Gallant
  • [Name] the Pious
  • [Name] the Brave
  • [Name] the Valiant

The World WakesEdit

Completing The World Wakes along with Ritual of the MahjarratThe Firemaker's CurseBranches of DarkmeyerThe Void Stares Back and The Chosen Commander unlocks the title [Name], the World Guardian.

Fate of the GodsEdit

Defeating all of the nihil while they are attacking you directly will unlock the title [Name] the Annihilator. - This can be done during the quest or by selecting replay "quest boss fight".

The Mighty FallEdit

Completing The Mighty Fall unlocks the title [Name] the Champion.

Plague's EndEdit

Completing Plague's End unlocks the title [Name] of the Elves.

The Lord of VampyriumEdit

Throughout the story of The Lord of Vampyrium, the titles [Name] of the Myreque and [Name] of Vampyrium are unlocked.

General questingEdit

Meeting the requirements needed to start the 200th quest, Dimension of Disaster, will unlock the title [Name] the Prepared. The title was only available from 16 to 30 March 2015.

Gaining the most quest points within 48 hours for the Best Quester Competition will unlock the title Questival King/Questival Queen. The title was only available from 28 to 29 March 2015.

Completing all quests will unlock the title [Name] the Ultimate Quester.

Minigames and D&DsEdit

Mobilising Armies ranksEdit

Playing Mobilising Armies and increasing your rank will unlock a title based on your score. Prior to 31 August 2011, Mobilising Armies titles would only show up near the Mobilising Armies Command centre.

They can be set to always appear and replace the current players' title when they enter the Command centre. This can be toggled off by talking to any commanding officer in the tower.

Rank Prefix
1–99 Junior Cadet [Name]
100–199 Serjeant [Name]
200–299 Commander [Name]
300+ War-chief [Name]

Player-owned portEdit

Playing Player-owned ports, titles are unlocked by increasing your port score (found in your captain's log). In the captain's log, the First Mate title is referenced as First Officer. Before 4 March 2014, the "Admiral of the Fleet" title was "Fleet Admiral", and its requirement was a port score of 3,000. This change was noted in the 3 March Patch Notes.

Score Title
1 [Name] the Cabin Boy / the Cabin Girl
400 Bo'sun [Name]
800 First Mate [Name]
1,200 Cap'n [Name]
1,600 Commodore [Name]
2,000 Admiral [Name]
3,500 Admiral of the Fleet [Name]
4,500 Portmaster [Name]

Death titlesEdit

Death titles are available as a reward from the Crucible. These titles are purchased with the trophy bones obtained from defeating other players. Unlike other titles, these are given to your opponent when they are killed and are not permanent.

Name Cost
Cowardly [Name] 12
[Name] the Redundant 12
Everyone attack [Name] 30
Smelly [Name] 30
[Name] the Idiot 30
Sir Lame [Name] 30
[Name] the Flamboyant 30
Weakling [Name] 30
[Name] was punished. 30
[Name] lost 30
[Name] ... you fail 30
No-mates [Name] 30
[Name] ate dirt 30
Delusional [Name] 30
[Name] the Respawner 30
Cutey-pie [Name] 30
[Name] the Fail Magnet 30
[Name] was terminated 30
Lazy [Name] 30
[Name] ? Who? 30


Playing a preening ibis card during a round of Sinkholes has a chance at unlocking the title [Name] the Naabe.

Demon Flash MobsEdit

These titles are available as rare drops from Demon Flash Mobs. They are dropped as Demonic title scrolls, which may be traded with other players.

  • Castellan [Name]
  • Deacon [Name]
  • Executioner [Name]
  • General [Name]
  • [Name] the Blazing
  • [Name] the Corrupting
  • [Name] the Frostborn
  • [Name] the Glorious
  • [Name] the Infernal
  • [Name] the Obscured
  • [Name] the Pestilent
  • [Name] the Rending
  • [Name] the Shattering
  • [Name] the Terrifying

Barbarian AssaultEdit

A title for each of the four roles in Barbarian Assault is available to all players by default. A separate title for each of the roles can be unlocked by reaching level 5 in the role. By reaching level 5 in every role and killing both the Penance Queen and the Penance King, the title [Name] the Penance Slayer is unlocked which is a requirement for the trimmed completionist cape.

Basic Level 5
Attacker [Name] Supreme Attacker [Name]
Defender [Name] Supreme Defender [Name]
Collector [Name] Supreme Collector [Name]
Healer [Name] Supreme Healer [Name]

Dominion TowerEdit

Staying alive for 45 minutes in a 4- or 5-player Rumble Mode in the Dominion Tower will unlock the title [Name] the Survivor.

Champion's ChallengeEdit

Defeating every champion unlocks the title Champion of Champions [Name].

Court casesEdit

Completing every court case unlocks the title [Name] the Detective.

The DropEdit

Winning The Drop: Customer Support Edition unlocked the title [Name] the Knowledgeable. However, it can no longer be obtained.


Players who try every Distractions and Diversions can unlock the title [Name] the Distracted.

The following D&Ds must be completed in the following ways to earn the title:

D&D Requirement Reset interval
God Statues Build a statue and earn prayer or slayer experience from it Monthly
Troll Invasion Complete the activity
Agoroth Defeat Agoroth Weekly
Circus Complete one performance
Familiarisation Complete the activity and collect the reward
Penguin Hide and Seek Spot a penguin
Rush of Blood Complete a reward run
Skeletal horror Complete the activity
Tears of Guthix Complete the activity
Big Chinchompa Complete the activity and earn competence points Daily
Bork Kill Bork
Evil Tree Complete the activity and collect the reward
Fish Flingers Complete the activity
Guthixian Cache Complete the activity
Phoenix Lair Complete the activity
Rune Goldberg Machine Create some vis wax
Shooting Star Collect a reward from the Star sprite
Sinkholes Complete the activity
Wilderness Warbands Hand in supplies to Quercus
Champions' Challenge Defeat one champion N/A
Court Cases Complete a case or Speak to the clerk if all are completed
Treasure Trails Complete one clue scroll


God EmissariesEdit

Declaring support to a God Emissary unlocks a title to the respective god. Only one of these titles can be available at a time; however, allegiance can be changed freely.

  • [Name] of Armadyl
  • [Name] of Bandos
  • [Name] of Saradomin
  • [Name] of Seren
  • [Name] of Sliske
  • [Name] of Zamorak
  • [Name] of Zaros
  • [Name] of the Godless
  • [Name] of V


Upon defeating Vorago in hard mode, the player who used the maul of omens will unlock the title [Name] the Defeater.


Completing all 60 floors in hard mode will unlock the title [Name] of Daemonheim.

Kal'gerion DemonsEdit

At level 90 Dungeoneering, the Kal'gerion dungeon can be accessed. The various Kal'gerion demons have the chance to drop a Kal'gerion battle commendation which, when read, will unlock the titles of the various demon bosses in Daemonheim. The titles are unlocked in a specific order from lowest to highest level. To make use of the title, you must have killed the corresponding boss in a dungeon. Kills prior to 27 May 2014 do not count.

Title Boss Dungeoneering-icon
[Name] the Bloodchiller To'Kash the Bloodchiller 17
[Name] the Riftsplitter Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter 35
[Name] the Pummeller Bal'lak the Pummeller 65
[Name] the Thunderous Yk'Lagor the Thunderous 89
[Name] the Warmonger Kal'Ger the Warmonger 113

Soul ReaperEdit

Three titles can be unlocked through the Soul Reaper activity.

Title Requirements
The Reaper
[Name] the Reaper Kill each boss once
Final Boss
Final Boss [Name] Kill at least 5,000 bosses, with at least 100 kills on each boss. When unlocked it is broadcasted with a server-wide announcement.
Insane Final Boss
Final Boss [Name] Gold version of above; in addition to the normal requirements, the gold version also requires 100 kills in all hard mode versions of bosses and access to all boss pets, including Vitalis, Bombi, Tz-Rek Jad, the Barrows brothers Bobbleheads, and Mega ducklings. Like the above, it broadcasts an announcement, as the "insane Final Boss" title.


Completing various tasks in Prifddinas and for its residents can unlock various titles.

For titles requiring a certain amount of actions, ie. 'of the Cadarn', players can check how many actions have been completed in the titles interface by clicking on the title. For instance by clicking on 'of the Cadarn' the amount of defeated Cadarn warriors will appear on the bottom right.

Clan/Mod Title Requirements
Trahaearn [Name] of the Trahaearn Mine 100 corrupted ore
Iorwerth [Name] of the Iorwerth Complete 8 dark beast tasks assigned by Morvran
Cadarn [Name] of the Cadarn Defeat 1,000 Cadarn rangers or magi in combat
Crwys [Name] of the Crwys Check the health of an elder tree grown in the Crwys farming patch
Amlodd [Name] of the Amlodd Summon a Light Creature familiar and use an Enlightenment scroll, then talk to Lord Amlodd
Ithell [Name] of the Ithell Craft 100 Crystal flasks
Hefin [Name] of the Hefin Complete 200 laps of the Hefin Agility Course
Meilyr [Name] of the Meilyr Harvest 50 harmony moss from the Harmony pillars
None [Name] the Elven Purchase all 8 Elven clan capes
None Dark Elf [Name] Enter the chamber of Seren and then equip the Clan Iorwerth cape and a weapon then use the newly appeared "Attack" option on Seren
None [Name] of Tarddiad Talk to all 8 clan leaders about their clan
None Lorehound [Name] Collect all 16 numbered Memoriam crystals, all memoriam crystals on Freneskae, and all pages of The Voice of the Elders, and complete all quests. If the title doesn't unlock, try resetting Dimension of Disaster and complete one of the subquests again.
None [Name] of the Naragi Plant a Crystal acorn
None Lord of the Wait [Name] Rest on top of Seren in the Tower of Voices while wearing the Clan Hefin cape (requires 90 Prayer). After The Light Within, instead of resting on top of Seren, the player has to rest before her.
Ithell [Name] the Mourner Equip full Mourner gear and talk to Lady Ithell
None [Name] the Fractured Use any divine energy (except Elder energy) on Seren in the Tower of Voices
None [Name] the Corrupted Use corrupted ore on Seren in the Tower of Voices
Mod Osborne [Name] the Elfborne Use a bacon mound on Seren with a chocolate bar and bread in your inventory
Mod Raven [Name] the Ravensworn Spot all 13 ravens in Prifddinas. Ravens appear every 13 days for 23 hours, spawning at 00:00 UTC. The first raven appeared on 4 October 2014.[t 1]
The last raven spawned 5 days ago on 28 April 2016. The next raven will spawn on 11 May 2016 in 8 days. (wrong?)
Mod Stu [Name] the Stupendous Make uncooked stew with cooked meat or chicken while wielding a mud pie in Prifddinas
Mod Rowley [Name] the Meandering Take over 10 minutes to finish a lap of the Hefin Agility Course
Iorwerth The Famous [Name] Complete Morvran's slayer challenge
None [Name] the Statuesque Complete the replica Statue of Rhiannon in the Max Guild
Iorwerth The Abyssal [Name] Clear at least 20 waves on the Bronze difficulty or higher of Rush of Blood
Iorwerth The Dark [Name] Clear at least 20 waves on the Silver difficulty or higher of Rush of Blood
Iorwerth The Beast [Name] Clear at least 20 waves on the Gold difficulty or higher of Rush of Blood
Iorwerth Slayer Master [Name] Clear at least 20 waves on the Platinum difficulty of Rush of Blood
Mod Sarah [Name] the Troublesome Equip a Clan Crwys cape while having three cooking apples and three chocolate bars in the inventory, and attempt to take the Memoriam crystal near the bank chest in the Meilyr Clan district, then use the Memoriam crystal (unknown) on the memoriam device in the Tower of Voices.
Crwys [Name] the Coedensworn Equip a splitbark wand, splitbark shield, splitbark gauntlets, splitbark legs, splitbark boots, splitbark body, tribal mask, and Clan Crwys cape and cast either cure plant or fertile soil on Coeden
Mod Hunter [Name] the Hunter/ the Huntress Equip a Larupia hat, Larupia top, Larupia legs, Hunters' crossbow, Long kebbit bolts, and a Strung rabbit foot, and have a Teasing stick in your inventory, then complete the steps mentioned here
Mod Giara Sword Artist [Name] Equip a black longsword and off-hand adamant longsword as a male character with a black Evanstyle hairstyle; Perform these poses on the Serenity posts in the following order: Lotus, Bow, Ward, Crane
Mod Campbell [Name] the Challenged Eat 50 bananas while wearing the mime outfit and a fairy banner
Mod Stacey Sneaky [Name] Pickpocket a worker from each of the clans while wearing only the Clan Iorwerth cape and having a Ninja impling jar in your inventory, within 90 seconds. This cannot be completed without using crystal teleport seeds.
Mod Alex Sweet Tooth [Name] Eat these 10 sweet foods while in Prifddinas: Chocolate cake, Chocolate bar, Chocchip crunchies, Chocolate bomb, Choc-ice, Cake, Summer pie, Redberry pie, Apple pie and Fruit batta; pre-made gnome dishes do not work.
None Dark Lord [Name] Have unlocked the following titles: all eight clan titles, the Elven, of Tarddiad, the Famous, all four Rush of Blood titles, the Corrupted, Dark Elf, the Fractured, Lord of the Wait, Lorehound, the Mourner, of the Naragi, and the Statuesque. The Mod-titles, the Coedensworn and the Master Fisherman / the Master Fisherwoman are not included.
None [Name] the Master Fisherman / the Master Fisherwoman Bought for 1,500 crystal urchin points in the Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing Shop.
  1. ^

Mahjarrat MemoriesEdit

Completing Mahjarrat Memories unlocks the following titles:

  • Pontifex [Name]
  • Legatus [Name]

Boss practiceEdit

Earning 250 points with players who have done 10 or fewer kills of a boss will earn the title [Name] the Master.

Tool beltEdit

Completely filling up the tool belt unlocks the title [Name] the Tool.

Challenge gemsEdit

Taking part in challenges from challenge gems can earn the following titles:

Title Requirement
[Name] the Contender Partake in 10 challenges
[Name] the Victor Win 10 challenges
[Name] the MVP Win 25 challenges
[Name] the Real MVP Win 100 challenges
[Name] the Loser Lose 10 challenges
[Name] the Struggle Lose 25 challenges
[Name] the Real Struggle Lose 100 challenges


Title Requirement
[Name] the Reputable Unlocked as the fifth Goebie reputation reward
[Name] of the Goebies Unlocked as the tenth Goebie reputation reward
[Name] the Daredevil Complete all Raid Feats while fighting the Liberation of Mazcab bosses

Completionist titlesEdit

Wearing a Max cape for the first time will unlock the title Maxed [Name]. Earning the right to wear the Completionist cape will unlock the title [Name] the Completionist, whilst earning the right to wear the Trimmed completionist cape will unlock the title [Name] the Completionist. If an update adds additional requirements, the title will be locked, and those requirements must be met to unlock it again.


The title Professor [Name] can be unlocked at 95 Invention with 6,000 Inspiration at an Inventor's workbench.

Chronicle fragmentsEdit

Offering 100 Chronicle fragments at Guthix's shrine will unlock the title [Name] of Guthix.

Heart of GielinorEdit

Earning the maximum 5,000 reputation for each faction in the Heart of Gielinor will unlock [Name] the Venerated.

Holiday and seasonalEdit

Thanksgiving 2012Edit

The title [Name] the Stuffed was released in celebration of Thanksgiving 2012.

Christmas 2012Edit

Completing A Stray In A Manger unlocked the title Santa [Name].

Gielinor GamesEdit

By participating in the Gielinor Games, reward points could be earned to purchase the title Athlete [Name]. It costs 5,500 points (500 + 5,000 to unlock the golden tier), and was later made available for 5,000 Loyalty points.

Battle of LumbridgeEdit

Participating in the Battle of Lumbridge had a chance of unlocking several titles:

  • [Name] the Virtuous
  • [Name] the Powerful
  • [Name] the Boundless
  • [Name] the Eternal

These titles were reintroduced as unlockables during Tuska Comes. They were unlocked by skilling or killing parasites on Tuska's back. 

Additionally, several titles could be purchased from the Saradominist quartermaster or the Zamorakian quartermaster.

Saradominist Zamorakian
Acolyte [Name] Acolyte [Name]
High Priest / High Priestess [Name] High Priest / High Priestess [Name]
Hierophant [Name] Hierophant [Name]

Super SeptemberEdit

Completing 10 Super September challenges unlocked two titles:

  • Super [Name]
  • Supervillain [Name]

Placing in the top 1,000 of either Super September hiscore unlocked 2 titles. While there were a total of 2,000 available slots, only 1,962 players earned these titles, as some players were eligible in both of the hiscores.

  • Super Super [Name]
  • Super Supervillain [Name]


The Seasonal Hiscores reward a golden title for finishing in first, and the same title in grey for finishing in the top 100. Placing first in any of these hiscores will unlock the title [Name] the Supreme.

Hiscore Top 100 #1
Solo Zilyana Kills [Name] Zilyana's Bane [Name] Zilyana's Bane
Dominion Tower: Endurance Mode [Name] Ruler of the Tower [Name] Ruler of the Tower
Wilderness PVP Kills [Name] Scourge of the Wild [Name] Scourge of the Wild
Stealing Creation Reward Points [Name] Master of Clay [Name] Master of Clay
Red Imp Kills [Name] Slayer of Imps [Name] Slayer of Imps
Chronicle Fragments Offered [Name] Chroniclator [Name] Chroniclator
Fun Weapon Damage to K'ril [Name] Slapsaroth [Name] Slapsaroth
Slayer Tower Kills [Name] Scion of Viggora [Name] Scion of Viggora
Life Points Healed Piggy [Name] Piggy [Name]
Undead Kills Undertaker [Name] Undertaker [Name]
Herbs farmed [Name] the Gardener [Name] the Gardener
Deaths The Late [Name] The Late [Name]
Clues completed [Name] the Puzzle Hunter [Name] the Puzzle Hunter
Solo Complexity 6 Dungeons [Name] the Delver [Name] the Delver

Well of GoodwillEdit

Donating to the Well of Goodwill can unlock up to 5 titles based on how much total value the player has donated in coins. When donating items, their base value on the Grand Exchange is used.

Title Value
[Name] the Wishful 1+
[Name] the Generous 10,000,000 or 1 bond
[Name] the Millionaire 100,000,000 or 10 Bonds
[Name] the Charitable 1,000,000,000
[Name] the Billionaire 5,000,000,000

Lumbridge RebuildathonEdit

Players who helped Foreman George out in the Lumbridge Rebuildathon could unlock the title [Name] the Builder.

The Bird and the BeastEdit

By participating in The Bird and the Beast, players could randomly unlock a title from their faction:

  • [Name], Vanguard of Armadyl
  • [Name], Warmaster of Bandos

Titles could also be purchased from the Armadylean quartermaster or the Bandosian quartermaster with renown:

Armadylean Bandosian
Scout [Name] Grunt [Name]
Wingman [Name] Soldier [Name]
Wingleader [Name] Veteran [Name]

Valentine's Day 2014Edit

Filling a Box of Valentine chocolates with 2 of each chocolate unlocked the titles [Name] the Scrumptious and [Name] the Forlorn.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2014Edit

2 title packs were available for Talk Like a Pirate Day, each for redeeming 500 doubloons to unlock a set of 5 titles.

Title pack 1 Title pack 2
Peg Leg [Name] Red-Hand [Name]
Cutthroat [Name] [Name] Blackbeard
[Name] the Swashbuckler [Name] Runebeard
One-Eyed [Name] [Name] the Rum Thief
Dread Pirate [Name] Pirate King [Name] and Pirate Queen [Name]

Hallowe'en 2014Edit

Killing a demonic ghost each day earned a trophy, 3 of which could be spent to unlock the title Ghost Hunter [Name].

Completing the six Ghostly outfits with ghostweave unlocked the title [Name] the Ghostly. Tricking and treating 10 men and women in different locations unlocked:

  • [Name] the Trickster
  • [Name] the Treated

Thanksgiving 2014Edit

Finding 10 turkeys as part of the 2014 Thanksgiving event unlocks the title [Name] the Thanksgiver.


Opening the third Oxfam present by donating 3 bonds to Thorvar Crittersmash will unlock the title [Name] the Festive.

Easter 2015Edit

The top 102 jadinko egg collectors during the 2015 Easter event were given the title [Name] the Egg-cellent. The title was originally just for the top 100, but due to a slight mix up on the final day 102 players ended up with it.

Tuska ComesEdit

The third world event, Tuska Comes, introduced several titles:

These titles are received by stabbing Tuska 5 times with a 100% charged spear, with a different title made available each week (with weeks starting on Sunday). Titles from previous weeks are unlocked along with the most current title, if they haven't been unlocked yet. These titles are no longer available, following the end of the world event on 1 July 2015, even though the island-hopping activity is still available.

Title Requirements
Harbinger [Name] Starting week 1
[Name] of Gielinor Starting week 2
[Name] the Beast Slayer Starting week 3
[Name] the Tuska Raider Starting week 4

Summer Beach PartyEdit

The Summer Beach Party had several unlockable titles:

Title Unlock
[Name] the Quackers Find 10 hidden little toy ducks
[Name] the Totally Quackers Find 10 hidden little toy ducks and own the Mega ducklings or have Mod Dolan's rubber duck
[Name] the Beachbum Successfully hit 5 coconuts in a row in coconut shy
Lifeguard [Name] Defeat Clawdia 50 times
[Name] the Bronzed Reach maximum temperature 10 times
[Name] the Sunburned Reach maximum temperature 25 times
[Name] the Chilled Eat 10 ice creams
Beachcomber [Name] Complete all beach activities once.
[Name], Queen of the Sandcastle / King of the Sandcastle Unlock all Summer Beach Party tokens

Big Cats SanctuaryEdit

Each of these titles can be bought for two reward points from Conservationist Rohit Sharma's Big Cats Sanctuary.

  • [Name], Snowy Assassin
  • [Name], Stealth Predator
  • [Name], King of the Jungle / Queen of the Jungle

15 Year AnniversaryEdit

The title [Name] the Historian was able to be unlocked by playing the The Drop: 15 Year Anniversary Celebrations as part of the 15 Year Anniversary Celebrations.


Registering your emailEdit

Registering your email to your account will unlock the The Real [Name]. It can be toggled with the Cape of Validation.

Runefest 2013Edit

Players who signed their username on the Wall of Fame at RuneFest 2013 were given a code to unlock the title [Name] the Philanthropist.

Ironman ModeEdit

An account with Ironman Mode activated will have access to titles that can appear either before or after its name. Regular and hardcore have different titles, and the title will depend on the player's gender.

Regular Ironman
  • Ironman [Name] / Ironwoman [Name]
  • [Name] the Ironman / [Name] the Ironwoman
Hardcore Ironman
  • Hardcore Ironman [Name] / Hardcore Ironwoman [Name]
  • [Name] the Hardcore Ironman / [Name] the Hardcore Ironwoman.

Beta testingEdit

The gamebreaker is a title selectively given out over time to players who report bugs and provide feedback during the 2015 Combat Beta and the 2016 NXT Beta weekends. The process by which the title is given out, starts with being nominated by staff working on the beta. From those nominated, a few are chosen.[1] It is also accompanied by an inbox message.

Hi there,

We've just updated your account to unlock 'the Gamebreaker' title! Congratulations and thank you for your contribution and feedback towards the BETA. You will be able to locate this title under the miscellaneous section of the titles interface.

Mod Harrison

There are 10 variants of this title, some deliberately broken. The title randomly changes every login or every activation.

  • [Name] the Gamebreaker
  • [Name] the Gamebreaker
  • [Name] the Gamebreaker ("the Gam" uses the same colour as username)
  • [Name] the Gamebreaker
  • [Name]  the   Gamebreaker (extra spaces)
  • [Name] thE gAmEbrEAkEr
  • [Name] the Gaembreaker
  • [Name] the Gamebreakr
  • the Gamebreaker [Name]
  • [Name] le testeur bêta

Community HelperEdit

The title Community Helper [Name] is given to selected players that have volunteered to provide assistance on the RuneScape Forums as a Community Helper. Community Helpers are required to use the title while part of the team.

GameBlast 2016 charity auctionEdit

The robotically efficient is a title that was given to the winner of the Title Auction during the GameBlast 2016 charity event.[2]

There are 10 variants of this title. The title randomly changes every login or every activation.

  • [Name] the Robotically Efficient
  • [Name] the Robotically Efficient
  • [Name] the Robotically Efficient
  • [Name] the Robotically Efficient
  • [Name] the Robotically Efficient
  • [Name] the Robotically Efficient
  • [Name] the Robotically Efficient
  • [Name] the Robotically Efficient
  • [Name] the Robotically Efficient
  • [Name] the Robotically Efficient


  • The title Wunderkind is German for "child prodigy"; literally "wonder child".
  • The title Duderino is a reference to The Big Lebowski.
  • The title Witch king is the title given to the leader of the Ringwraiths from The Lord of the Rings.
  • The title Artful Dodger is a reference to a character of the same name from Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist.
  • The title Piggy is a reference to Bill and Ted.[3]
  • The title Dread Pirate is a reference to the character Dread Pirate Roberts from the book The Princess Bride.
  • The title Sword Artist is a reference to the anime Sword Art Online and its sequel Sword Art Online II.
  • The title Tuska Raider is a reference to the Tusken Raiders of the Star Wars franchise.
  • The title Pirate King/Queen is a reference to the anime/manga series One Piece.


  • A player's title would change to the corresponding gender when doing Fremennik Sagas.
  • According to Mod Jack, the cost of adding new titles is not insignificant despite appearing simple.[3]
  • If a player comes near the Mobilising Armies Command Centre, his or her title will be replaced by their Mobilising Armies rank prefix, if they have one activated. Previously, if they had no rank prefix activated, their title would vanish. Upon leaving the area, their title will not return, and will have to be reactivated. Since then, if no Mobilising Armies title is activated, the existing title will stay with the character.
  • Putting on and taking off any piece of the Darkmeyer outfit will cause any title you have active to disappear; it can be fixed by repeating the process.
  • If one had a title that was dependent on gender, there was a glitch where the player's title (for example, the title Lord/Lady) would not change to the players current gender; the players title would stay the same until log out. This has since been fixed.
  • There was a glitch that allowed players to use titles they had not yet unlocked by selecting it, selecting a title they had unlocked, and quickly clicking the "Activate" button. This has since been fixed.
  • The title of the Elves used to be green, but was changed to cyan with the release of Prifddinas.
  • Because the ravens only appear every 13 days (the first appearing on 4 October 2014), it was not possible to obtain the Ravensworn title before 9 March 2015.
  • When right clicking, titles that are displayed before a player's name will cause their name to be grey.
  • The title "King of the Jungle" did not have a female variant on release.
  • The title "Gamebreaker" was granted to only 32 people over the course of Combat Beta 2015.[4]
  • Titles are limited to 255 characters and each colour requires 12 characters.


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