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Ticker detail

The Ticker is a counter that can be bought from Faruq in Al Kharid. Tickers may be "ticked" up to 1000 times. The next tick will reset the ticker back to 0 and start counting again. When storing a number, it becomes ticker (a).

Tickers have 3 options: Tick, Read, and Advanced. When you select to tick the ticker, the ticker will add one tick to the total ticks in the ticker. When a player selects read, it will say: The ticker is currently at (number of ticks). The advanced option opens up a menu that has the options of: "Read the ticker result to my friends chat channel members", which will announce the amount of ticks in the ticker to the friends chat that you are currently in, and "Reset ticker", which when selected, will reset the amount of ticks stored in the ticker to zero. The ticker only has the Advanced option if it is storing a number.

Store locationsEdit

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Faruq's Tools for Games3Coins 3Coins 10No


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