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Mudskipper point

Thurgo's peninsula.

Thurgo's hut

Thurgo's home.

Thurgo's Peninsula is a small area located south-west of Port Sarim. South is Thurgo's house, where Thurgo can be found. Thurgo is one of last two surviving Imcando dwarves; the rest were killed during a Fremennik raid. There is an anvil in his house which at first seems useless, but, when coupled with the nearby mine and the spell, Superheat Item, it can be quite effective. There is also a Fishing spot on the eastern coast. The peninsula eventually connects to Mudskipper Point, the home of the mogres.

In the middle of it is a large dungeon called the Asgarnian Ice Caves, where there are muggers in the first room, pirates in the second room, level 28 hobgoblins in the third room, and blurite ore rocks in the fourth room. A dangerous place for low-level players, ice giants and ice warriors are also found in the fourth room. The blurite rocks can be found near the edges of the room.

Inside the blurite mine is another dungeon: the lair of the skeletal wyverns. These dangerous creatures require 72 Slayer to kill successfully, and are the only monster to drop granite legs. An elemental, mind, body or dragonfire shield is required when fighting these creatures to protect from their frigid icy breath.

During The Giant Dwarf, there are several opportunities to travel directly between Thurgo's Peninsula and the dwarven city of Keldagrim. These are only available at certain times during the quest and cannot be used after, before, or during most of the quest.


  • Thurgo, one of two surviving Imcando Dwarves. He likes redberry pie and is willing to lend his excellent blacksmith skills to those whom he trusts.


The quests below are associated with Thurgo:


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