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Thrown weapons are weapons that deal thrown damage. These weapons will have extra accuracy to monsters with a specific weakness to thrown weapons, and slightly less accuracy to monsters with any ranged weakness. As with all ranged weapons, thrown weapons are moderately effective against monsters that are weak to magic, and ineffective against monsters weak to melee.

List of current thrown weaponsEdit


Throwing knivesEdit

Throwing axesEdit



Comparison tableEdit


  • In this table darts have been taken as the ordering principle, but it's the 'kind' make the stats. Therefore: 'Weapon kind' basically means 'Weapon metal'. (However, there are thrown weapons that aren't made of metal, like: Sagaies, Bolas and Blisterwood stakes.)
    • This means, for example: Bronze darts have identical stats to Bronze knives; the same goes for the Off-hand version of the same kind/metal.
    • Bronze throwing axes have higher stats, but lower speed, making the damage over time the same.
    • Two-handed thrown weapons (mostly Javelins, unless they're not made from metal, like Chinchompas) have even more damage, but are slower again; these thrown weapons are shown in the last column.
Weapon kind Ranged-icon level Accuracy Damage
One-hand Two-hand
Image Name Main hand Off-hand
Bronze dart Off-hand bronze dart Bronze dart (Off-hand) 1 150 48 24 74
Snowball Snowball 1 150 48 - -
Holy water Holy water 1 150 48 - -
Iron dart Off-hand iron dart Iron dart (Off-hand) 10 202 96 48 149
Steel dart Off-hand steel dart Steel dart (Off-hand) 20 316 192 96 298
Morrigan's throwing axe Corrupt morrigan's throwing axe 20 316 250 - 245[1]
Black dart Off-hand black dart Black dart (Off-hand) 25 381 240 120 360
Mithril dart Off-hand mithril dart Mithril dart (Off-hand) 30 454 288 144 447
Adamant dart Off-hand adamant dart Adamant dart (Off-hand) 40 628 384 198 596
Chinchompa (Grey) Chinchompa 45 732 - 551
Rune dart Off-hand rune dart Rune dart (Off-hand) 50 850 480 240 745
Red chinchompa Red chinchompa 55 983 - 673
Dragon dart Off-hand dragon dart Dragon dart (Off-hand) 60 1132 576 288 864
Blisterwood stakeOff-hand blisterwood stake Blisterwood stakes (Off-hand) 70 1486 672 336 1008
Sagaie Sagaie 72 1566 1072 -
Bolas Bolas 76 1738 N/A[2] -
Morrigan's throwing axe Morrigan's throwing axe 78 1829 955[3] - 1162[3]
Death Lotus dartOff-hand Death Lotus dart Death Lotus dart(Off-hand) 85 2178 816 408 -
  1. ^ In addition to these stats javelins also have a 1% critical hit chance, Corrupt morrigan's throwing axe do not have this addition critical hit chance, however these are 1-handed and the javelin's are not while the damage is the same.
  2. ^ Bolas binds the target rather than doing damage to it. For more information, read the page.
  3. ^ a b In addition to these stats Morrigan's throwing axes and javelins also have a 1% critical hit chance.

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