Throw Tomato (Sitting)
Throw Tomato (Sitting) emote icon
Release date 21 September 2011 (Update)
Members Yes
Sound No
Enhancer No
Duration Unknown edit
Requirements A Tier 5 Clan Citadel
Throw Tomato (Sitting)
Click animation for full size

Throw Tomato (while sitting in a Clan Citadel's theatre) is an emote released on 21 September 2011 that can only be used in a Clan Citadel's theatre. The theatre can only be made with a Tier 5 Citadel. This emote could not be used whilst in the Horsemen's clan theatre at Deathcon, Fame saying this was because she didn't wanted things to be thrown all over the stage. 

It is also possible to throw a pair of underwear with this emote, although this is uncommon. They are a white pair of pants with light blue trim.

Panty toss

A player throws underwear with the Throw Tomato emote.


The rare underpants

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