Threat, also called aggro or hate is a hidden counter that determines how likely a monster is to attack a given player. For each monster, it will decide to attack one player that it is in combat with that has the highest threat. Each player has a separate threat value for each monster they are fighting, which is calculated as a function of the total damage dealt by the player and whatever threat modifiers they used, such as Incite or Provoke.

Because threat is derived from damage dealt, a quick way to approximate threat values is to compare damage dealt between teammates. However, this is easily thrown off if anyone has used abilities that affect threat generation.


  • When competing for loot, a good way to tell who would get the loot is by looking at who the NPC is aggressive towards before it dies as long as Provoke or Incite isn't used during the fight. Provoke adds 200,000 or 250,000 to the user's threat.[1]


  1. ^ Mod Wolf. Provoke is still broken. (see comments). 30 January 2017. "When an NPC picks someone to rip the face off of, everyone who has attacked it has a 'threat' number. This is calculated on damage dealt."*

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