This article is about a pirate's flagship formerly named "The Scourge". For the main antagonist of the 2009 Christmas Event, see Ebenezer Scourge.
For the Mahjarrat general, see Zamorak.

This Albatross, known formerly as The Scourge, is the flagship of Rabid Jack, the infamous pirate lord that attacked Mos Le'Harmless recently in the Fifth Age.

This Albatross was first known as "The Scourge". Jack used the ship as his main offensive centre when he attacked Mos Le'Harmless in an effort to gain complete control over the Eastern Sea. When this failed, Jack renamed his ship "This Albatross", which he said would be a curse upon pirates forever.

Eventually, the pirates of Mos Le'Harmless rallied under Gentleman Mallard and attacked Jack in his hideout in the Cursed Archipelago. Eventually the battle became centred around This Albatross, where Jack finally jumped overboard, seemingly to his death.

Although the ship was likely destroyed after the battle, recent activity suggests the ship may have been revived along with its captain.

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