Thigat Tree
Thigat tree
Release date 12 April 2010 (Update)
Members Yes
Logs Thigat branches
Cannot be grown
Examine It's some kind of subterranean tree. (Tier 7)

A thigat tree is a tree found only in Daemonheim. It requires 60 Woodcutting to be chopped down and can yield 1-9 thigat branches before depletion. Each of the logs give 210 experience. A complexity level of 2 or higher is required to find this tree whilst Dungeoneering.

Its branches can be used with a tinderbox to make a fire with 60 Firemaking or fletched with a knife into 48 arrow shafts (level 60 Fletching), a thigat shortbow (u) (level 61 Fletching), a gallimastyx trap (level 63 Fletching), a thigat longbow (u) (level 66 Fletching), or a thigat staff (level 68 Fletching). Two thigat branches and a crimson charm are required to create a naabe deathslinger familiar (level 62 Summoning).


  • Thigat trees are named from the scrapped original concept of what was within Daemonheim, which were supposed to be frog-like creatures called thigats [1].
  1. ^ Mod Osborne. RuneScape Podcast #82 - Zamorak Lore, Abomination & system checks.*

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