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Thigat shortbow (u) detail

Thigat shortbow (u) is an unstrung tier 7 bow obtainable in Daemonheim. It is made by using a knife on thigat branches. It can only be made at level 61 Fletching or higher. When strung, it becomes a thigat shortbow, which can be used as a ranged weapon within Daemonheim. 59 experience is gained from Fletching this item, and an additional 59 experience is gained from stringing it. Once strung with a bow string, any type of arrow in Daemonheim can be fired from this bow.


Thigat shortbow (u) Thigat shortbow (u)
Fletching-icon-Make-X GE icon
59 XP--
Fletching-icon Fletching level61
Quest No quests required
P2P icon Members only?Yes
Seeping elm branchesSeeping elm branches122,50022,500

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