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This page includes many tips and useful strategies to train the Thieving skill.

Helpful equipmentEdit

Worn equipmentEdit


NOTE: These are thought to be the fastest methods, but many players consider them tedious and boring. When you have the appropriate level, Pyramid Plunder and Sorceress's Garden are recommended, as they provide nearly the same amount of experience and are generally considered more interesting and rewarding.

NOTE: Your proximity to a guard while stealing from stalls determines if you are successful or not. The farther away a guard is, the more likely you will be successful at your attempt to steal.

NOTE: The fastest method (although very tedious and boring and lootless) until level 80 is considered coshing volunteers at the Thieves' Guild. It is possible to loot them three times each knock-out and the chance of failure is relatively low. Also, no food is required because they only do 1 damage (1 not 10) each time you fail. This method requires completion of the second Thieving Guild caper.

NOTE: To ease the strain on your arm and/or making it faster while while pickpocketing targets. which require right click. A tip is to activate one-button gameplay under Gameplay settings, this will often ease the process.

Training methodsEdit

Level 1-20Edit

Activity Level Loot
Pickpocketing men and women 1 Thieving-icon 3gp single loot. Up to triple loot with the right levels
Requirements Location
None Lumbridge and other major settlements around Gielinor
Men and Women reside in most towns. Higher agility level gives the potential of multiple loot.
Activity Level Loot
Buyers and Cellars quest. 1 Thieving-icon
Requirements Location
None Lumbridge
Starting the quest at level 1 gives access to the Mark 1 dummy, which allows quickly reaching level 5. Completing the quest gives 3 pamphlets of 175xp each which is enough to reach level 8.
Activity Level Loot
Playing the minigame Sorceress's Garden/Winter 1 Thieving-icon Sq'irk fruit, exchanged for xp.
Requirements Location
Completion of Diamond in the Rough Al Kharid
Sq'irk fruit may be made into Sq'irk juice, which can be traded to Osman for Thieving experience, or drunk to give thieving boosts and restore energy.
Activity Level Loot
Stealing from Vegetable stalls, you can sell your vegetable back to Will Oakfeller. 2 Thieving-icon Potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, garlic, and onions
Requirements Location
None Taverley
The vegetable stall is located in Taverley Market, stand with the stall between the player and the guards/merchants to avoid being caught
Activity Level Loot
Stealing from Baker stalls 5 Thieving-icon Cake, Bread, and Chocolate slice
Requirements Location
None Taverley, East Ardougne Market
After a few minutes, or with Vial of stench (a), players may sell the stolen good back to the merchant. The food may also be used to heal if you are attacked by the guards. Stand with the stall between you and any other merchant/guards.
Activity Level Loot
Stealing from Tea stall 5 Thieving-icon Cup of tea
Requirements Location
None Varrock and other major settlements around Gielinor
The most convenient location would be eastern Varrock, stand on the opposite side of the stall will do. Each cup can be used to raise attack and heal when training. Takes longer than baker stalls.

Level 20-30Edit

Activity Level Loot
Stealing from Silk stalls 20 Thieving-icon Silk
Requirements Location
None/ Ardougne cloak 1 or higher recommended. Ardougne
There are guards and Knight of Ardougne guarding the stall. Make sure you are on the opposite side of the stall, or they are far away. It is possible to trap the guards within other houses. Silk may be sold back to the trader for 60 coins providing a certain amount of time has passed.
Activity Level Loot
Playing the minigame Pyramid Plunder 21 Thieving-icon Items that may be traded for coins, Pharaoh's sceptre. Refer to Pyramid Plunder for details.
Requirements Location
Started Icthlarin's Little Helper Sophanem at the far southern reaches of the Kharidian Desert.
Pyramid Plunder is considered one of the most fun thieving activities as it can be less tedious than other methods. First timers should check out the article for pointers.
Activity Level Loot
Stealing from Wine stall 22 Thieving-icon Jug, Jug of Water, Grapes, Jug of wine, Bottle of wine
Requirements Location
None Draynor Village Market
Stay away from the farmers and guards. The items may all be sold back to Fortunato for coins after a while or with a Vial of stench (a)
Activity Level Loot
Playing the minigame Sorceress's Garden/Spring 25 Thieving-icon Sq'irk
Requirements Location
Completed the quest Diamond in the Rough Al Kharid
It is possible to receive over 25k XP per hour for skilled players. This method can be significantly less tedious than others, but can be very difficult with players with large amounts of lag on their connection.
Activity Level Loot
Picking locked doors and the easy chest 26 Thieving-icon Blue handkerchief for the chest
Requirements Location
Completed the quest Buyers and Cellars and the caper From Tiny Acorns Thieves' guild
The handkerchief may be exchanged for more thieving xp every week, depending on your level. This is one of the best experience for low level thievers

Level 50+Edit

Crack the Wall safe in Rogues' Den . Bring food, a stethoscope, and a gem bag for maximum efficiency. Realistically, this method can get you around 20k/h (Estimated around level 60, although, you may get these rates regardless of level). It is unclear if higher levels give much better rates as 99 still fail occasionally.

Level 30-60Edit

Activity Level Loot
Completing the quest The Feud 30 Thieving-icon Blackjack, 15,000 xp, 500 coins
Requirements Location
None Al Kharid
The reward from the Feud when done at level 30 will give enough xp to raise you to level 37, it also allows you to start blackjacking, which is a very good training method later on.
Activity Level Loot
Picking advanced chest in the Thieves' Guild 35 Thieving-icon Red Hanky
Requirements Location
Completed the caper From Tiny Acorns, lockpick Thieves' Guild, Lumbridge
This is one of the best way to train starting from level 35, and remains extremely efficient even in the 80's. A lockpick is required to open the doors to the chest, and each chest will award 180 xp, while the doors give 280xp. Alternate between the lower level chests while waiting for the chests to reload.
Activity Level Loot
Opening doors and hopping worlds. 35 Thieving-icon Nothing
Requirements Location
Buyers and Cellars, From Tiny Acorns Thieves' Guild
For this, you must start at the doors in the thieves' guild where you pick them for 210/280 xp. Then when you pick all six doors, you must hop worlds and login, then pick the six doors again and again and again.
Activity Level Loot
Coshing a Coshing volunteer 40 Thieving-icon Blue Hanky
Requirements Location
From Tiny Acorns Thieves' Guild
Coshing is another surprisingly efficient way of training from a low level up. Experience is dependent on your level, and with perfect timing, one may pickpocket 3 times with one knockout. This is better than most other methods until level 80+, such as Pyramid Plunder, but has the disadvantage of being very tedious and boring, with no loot.
Activity Level Loot
Stealing from Baker's stalls 37 Thieving-icon Cake, bread, or chocolate slice.
Requirements Location
Ardougne cloak 1 or higher recommended. Ardougne
There are guards and Knight of Ardougne guarding the stall. Make sure you are on the opposite side of the stall, or they are far away. It is possible to trap the guards within other houses. The food may be consumed if attacked, or banked to sell later on.
Activity Level Loot
Pickpocketing master farmers 38 Thieving-icon Various seeds ranging from 1gp to 270gp
Requirements Location
None Draynor Market square
Be prepared to fail 2/3 of the time. Bring cheap food such as trout or food from other thieving activities such as baker's stall. This can possibly quite profitable when you chance upon seeds such as Torstol. You can trap the farmer in places such as the pig pen to stop him from escaping.
Activity Level Loot
Stealing from the nature rune chest 43 Thieving-icon Nature runes
Requirements Location
None Second floor of a house east of Ardougne marketplace. You need to pick the lock on the door to enter.
While waiting for it to respawn, loot the coin chest beside it. Watch the colour of the chest, as it will be a slightly darker when it is ready. If you activate a trap you can take over 200 points of damage, so search the chest for traps before opening. This can provide up to 12,000xp/hr.

Level 34+ Edit

At level 34, you can start picking both sets of doors in the Thieves Guild. You need one lockpick, and all you do is pick the locks on the doors. To speed up the exp/hr, have friends in multiple worlds, and quickhop to them after you pick the doors in that particular world. Keep hopping and picking the locks, and if the doors don't reset by the time you get back to the original world, then pick the Pickpocketing Trainer pockets until the doors reset. If you're fast enough and have enough friends to hop to, you can earn upwards of 85k exp/hr.

Level 40-45Edit

Pickpocket from guards. Thieving from guards in Ardougne is great because you can steal from the Bakery Stall whenever you run out of food. Using this method can get up to 15k exp/hr.

Another good place is in Varrock Castle. Go to the far north-west corner of the castle and up the stairs, to the small bedroom with four guards. Pickpocket them here, as they are in a tight space and cannot wander far. Also, one guard may walk in between beds; if he does, quickly trap him in by walking in front of him. If you manage to trap a guard, you can get about 18-24k exp an hour. The downside is that you must have your own food, so good multi-click food like chocolate cakes or strawberries (5) are recommended. However, the success rate is an average 1/4.

Another good way is unlocking the doors in the Thieves' Guild on the blue side (once available),which gives you 210 exp per door. Switching worlds can easily earn 36k exp/hr.

Level 41-99Edit

Requirements: The Feud, Buyers and Cellars, Lost Her Marbles

Lure Coshing volunteers or the Advanced pickpocketing trainer into the Thieves' Guild general store and blackjack them. With each knockout, you can steal 2-3 times (with practice) giving you varied experience depending on your level. This is more than Menaphite Thugs and you will only take 1 point of damage, but only if you pickpocket them before you've KO'ed the trainer.

The downside is that you do not get money from it, unless you wear Jerrod's Cape. You can also gain Thieving experience from the Hanky Points obtained from every successful loot, but the amount of Hanky points you can receive depends on your Thieving level and resets once a week.

Another downside is that the time between luring them and knocking them out is quick. There may not be enough time to loot them three times in the time that they're down. The below math is based on the case that you do it successfully with no mistakes. This activity involves heavy attention.

At level 46 Thieving this method grants approximately 70k XP/H.

At level 60 Thieving this method grants approximately 98k XP/H.

At level 77 Thieving this method grants approximately 90-120k XP/H.

At level 90 Thieving this method grants approximately 110-140k XP/H.

At level 95+ Thieving this method grants approximately 140-160k XP/H.

At level 97+ Thieving this method grants approximately 175k XP/H

Level 45-91Edit

Requirements: The Feud.

Inventory - You should bring a stack of noted food (cakes are good). All you need equipped is a blackjack. Maple (o) has the best chance.

Strategy - Lure a guard into a house, the best one is the house with the cloth and a ladder in it. Close the curtains and make sure there are no other NPCs inside. Knock him out and after the animation, right click again and click pickpocket. Immediately right click again. When you hear the little noise for a successful pickpocket, click pickpocket again. This may take some time to perfect. If you fail during the knock-out, either climb up the ladder and come down, or quickly right click and try to knock him out again. Knocking him out again might not work but it saves time. Picking his pocket immediately after a failed knockout attempt will also cancel combat at the cost of 50 life points, regardless of success. You can also use the bar for buying vodka/brandy/whiskey to use as food. It costs 5, and heals 50, so it is fairly cost-effective. As a side effect, however, your attack level is going to be reduced to 0, but you do not have any reason to keep it high there.

Alternative - Pickpocket the Master Farmer in Draynor or near the windmill north of Ardougne.

Level 45-55Edit

Go to Pollnivneach, and lure and knock out Bearded Pollnivnian Bandits until 55. These are the level 41 ones wielding Blackjacks.

OR from level 45 players can attempt the Autumn area of Sorceress's Garden. This is considered by many players to be a lot more fun, and can give much more XP per hour than blackjacking, depending on the technique and stamina. However, this area can be quite crowded with bots who may interfere with your attempts.

Level 45-55Edit

Pickpocket Fremennik Citizens in Rellekka. It is suggested to pickpocket Lensa or Pontak, both of whom live near the entrance to Rellekka. You must have done the quest The Fremennik Trials.

Level 55-65Edit

Pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne from 55-65 is considered to be a fast way for players to train Thieving. It is best to find a knight in the southwest or southeast corner of Ardougne marketplace, hit him once, run into a nearby building with stairs (west or south of marketplace). Close the door, go upstairs, and come down again. You now have a trapped, non-aggressive knight to pickpocket. If you are low on food, you can always steal from the baker's stall to get cakes and bread. The Knight will most likely respawn however in 10–15 minutes. At level 75 the failure rate drops drastically. Wearing the Ardougne cloak 3/4 and Gloves of silence greatly reduces the chances of being caught. Note: If you trap the knight in a room rather than a corner, as long as he can walk around, he will not respawn.

Another method would be to play the Pyramid Plunder minigame at level 55, or to use the Thieves' Guild Coshing method.

Level 55-65Edit

Blackjack the non-bearded Pollnivnian Bandits in the same manner as before. These are the level 76 ones wielding steel scimitars.

Level 63-99Edit

Customs evidence files are a great way to train for 70+ combat level players. From these you can obtain sapphires, diamonds, cooked sharks, mithril bars and, best of all, rune scimitars, which sell for 14,681 coins each.

At approximately 1,250xp per full set of cabinets, you can expect just under 30k per hour.

NOTE: You must have completed the quest Rocking Out.

Level 65-91/99Edit

Go to Pollnivneach, and lure and knock out Menaphite thugs until 99, or play Pyramid Plunder at 91. Bring NOTED food. You can sell them at the general store and buy them back. Be sure to bring some extra money just in case. After completing Contact!, a bank becomes available in Sophanem.

A Maple blackjack (o) is most effective while training on Menaphite thugs. A failed blackjack attempt on them will result in being hit in retaliation of 40 damage, and a failed pickpocket attempt will result in being hit in retaliation of 50 damage. Using Jugs of wine as food can be a very good alternative from other more pricey foods as they heal 700 lp in one drink. If the thug begins to attack you, you can stop combat by attempting to pickpocket him again.

At level 78 Thieving, using a maple blackjack (o), salmon as food, and de-noting at the general store, this method grants approximately 220k xp/hr (assuming very few mistakes are made and being focused) and 85k gp/hr. This method also makes you lose about 3900 LP/h. (Calculated by measuring the time and LP spent earning 50k xp + time and money spent denoting salmons) This is one of the fastest methods for training thieving, apart from Pyramid Plunder at level 91 and on Monkey knife fighters at level 70.

Level 70-91/99Edit

After completing Do No Evil, players are able to return to Ape Atoll and pickpocket from Monkey knife fighters. They are located in the building just east of the Monkey Child from Monkey Madness, west of the temple that you can teleport to via the regular magic book. You must be using the Gorilla greegree to use this method. While holding the greegree, right click and punch the fighter; if it is successful, proceed to pickpocket it twice. Pickpocketing for a third or fourth time has its risks of being stunned which will over time slow down your experience gain. Pickpocketing the monkey for a third time has a very rare success chance. A successful punch grants 20 Thieving experience, and each pickpocket after grants 150 experience, for a total possible of 320 experience each. A failed attempt will result in 60 damage and stun. The possible loot includes lobsters (that are commonly pickpocketed), which may make food at higher levels unnecessary. The dragon scimitar and rune scimitar are also possible loot, although rare, adding some earnings to the experience. A player with no flaws theoretically earn rates of maximum 320k experience/hour using this method, as each attempts takes 3.6 seconds to complete.The real experience/hour is much lower, around 150k-230k experience/hour, as it is possible to fail a lot even at 99 thieving. If the player is caught there is a chance that the monkeys will send you to monkey jail, just east of the building. It should also be noted that one may wish to switch to pyramid plunder at 91 to mix it up and get a different training method in, as pyramid plunder yields similar, sometimes even better, experience at level 91 and can be a welcome change to the repetitious nature of looting monkeys.

Another option is to pickpocket Paladins at Ardougne market for 151 experience each. There are 2 baker's stalls and a bank nearby so food isn't a problem. It is recommended that a player attacks a paladin briefly, in order to lure him into one of the houses surrounding the market. If a player can get the paladin in the house, they simply need to shut the door and quickly go up and then down the stairs to stop the paladin being aggressive towards them. This prevents the paladin from moving around the market, allowing for easier pickpocketing. However, thieving paladins can prove to be very xp inefficient, because even at very high levels (95+) with Gloves of silence and Ardougne cloak 2/3/4, the failure rate is still relatively high. Thus, it is strongly not advised to thieve paladins to 99 if you are looking for the fastest exp/hr method available.

A fast, but non-profitable means of training at this level is repeatedly pickpocketing the advanced pickpocketing trainer or knocking out the Coshing volunteers in the Thieves' Guild. Each time the trainer is knocked down, the player can quickly pickpocket him three times, allowing for 510xp to be gained in about 10.5 seconds. This equates to a maximum of 175,857xp an hour, a large amount of experience for a player looking to quickly level thieving, as players can also cash in hanky points collected from the trainer on a weekly basis for additional xp.

Another benefit of this training method is that the advanced pickpocketing trainer never deals any damage when a knock out attempt fails, removing the need for any form of food, making training very straight-forward.

At level 75 or higher, gnomes can be pickpocketed. If you can position a gnome in from of the end bank booth in either of the banks of the second floor of the Grand Tree, you can pickpocket them without taking damage as your life points will be regenerated due to your proximity to a bank. Loot can be deposited without moving as well, avoiding the gnome being pickpocketed being released and moving away.

Level 65-99Edit

The Summer garden of the Sorceress's Garden minigame is now accessible and, with a proper strategy, can be one-clicked, allowing for decent experience rates. It should also be noted that this grants a fair amount of Farming experience as well. After a while, when you get used to the movement of the Summer Elementals, you can do it in about 45 seconds, which is 80 runs an hour and 120k exp an hour.

Level 91-99Edit

At 91 Thieving, Pyramid Plunder provides about the same experience per hour as Menaphite Thugs. Players who have chosen to thieve Menaphite Thugs often switch to Pyramid Plunder at 91 as it usually perceived as less monotonous. Pyramid Plunder provides approximately 200K experience per hour at 91, assuming you bank every 11 trips. Void Spinners (Least recommended), Bunyips, Titans and Unicorn stallions can greatly increase xp rates. There's a possibility that the player may find a Pharaoh's Sceptre while training, which sell for 1,878,115 coins, when charged.

Level 95-99Edit

In order to make a decent profit and moderate experience while Thieving, you may return to a Master Farmer at level 95. At this level, while equipped with an Ardougne cloak 3 and Gloves of Silence, failing will become so rare, that you can get approximately 70k-100k experience, while making about 500k-700k gp an hour. Trapping the Master farmer near East Ardougne can significantly raise your exp/hour.

It is a good idea to pre-buy the more expensive seeds while thieving so you won't have to bank or drop the less expensive ones.

At 95 Thieving it is recommended to start training at Prifddinas, where the 8 different types of clan workers can be pickpocketed for 125 to 170 experience each. If you fail to pickpocket workers within the same area three times, this message will appear: "Oh dear, they've caught you and they've warned the rest of their clan." Once this message is received, you will then need to switch areas or wait 20 minutes until they "forget." With the addition of Batch II, one could reasonably start training in Prifddinas at level 93, as this provides one with a minimum of three clans to rotate through. If one uses an Abyssal Lurker and its scroll ability, seven out of eight clans are available to the player to rotate through. At 95-99 thieving, with the Voice of Seren active, you can expect to reach on average 300k xp/h.

This is based upon an average of 123k xp per rotation of the 8 clans which takes around 20-30 minutes. You can also expect to gain upwards of 200k gp per rotation on top of regular hard and elite clue scrolls.

Note: You can use an abyssal lurker familiar with abyssal stealth scrolls to pickpocket Prifddinas workers with a level as low as 87, since it gives a +4 boost in thieving. This method yields less profit/h but you can get more experience at lower levels than 95.

Level 97-99Edit

Pickpocketing dwarf traders can yield between 160,000 and 180,000 thieving exp after you lure trade floor guards into northwest room and southeast room respectively, it can be done easily after Evolution of Combat since you can lure 4 trade floor guards at the same time. It helps greatly because you do not need to bribe the guards and bring bars for bribery. (It is highly advised not to start training at level 90 as you tend to fail most of the time even with Ardougne cloak 3 and gloves of silence You end up wasting your time and food.) An Ardougne cloak 3 and gloves of silence are highly recommended for this, otherwise experience rates will not be as high. Besides, equipping a Greater five-finger discount aura or higher can further lower the fail rate, it is possible to get upwards of 340,000 experience per hour with Supreme five-finger discount active. This requires less attention than Pyramid Plunder or Menaphites, as traders can be pickpocketed with a simple left click, and are highly profitable after farming update on 20 May 2013.

At level 97 you will no longer fail when pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne while wearing gloves of silence and an Ardougne Cloak 3. The knights can be lured into buildings surrounding the Ardougne market if the player attacks them. Once inside a building close the door, go upstairs and then come back down. The knight will no longer be aggressive at this point. It is fairly easy to get upwards of 180,000 experience per hour this way, and since knights yield coins when pickpocketed you will not need to bank. Equipping a bow/crossbow and not carrying ammunition will prevent you from attacking the knight by accident, though if you forget this you can go up and down the stairs to end combat.

At level 92 thieving, using a master five finger discount aura and equipping an Ardougne cloak; you can expect upwards of 260k xp/h at dwarf traders.


  • If you have Thieving Brawling gloves, use them in the Rogues' Castle, located in the Wilderness, to access the 4x bonus experience, or use them in the final chamber of Pyramid Plunder.
  • Using Pyramid Plunder is still efficient, but has been surpassed in experience per hour by blackjacking in the Thieves' Guild. However, you can make money doing Pyramid Plunder.
  • When thieving NPCs apart from those that can be blackjacked, it is strongly advisable to bring Gloves of silence. On top of that, it would be good to have at least an Ardougne cloak 3 for lower failure rates.
  • You can get approximately 10,000xp from the weekly Thieving event in Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza after completion of Some Like It Cold.

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