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This is the quick guide for The Void Stares Back.
For a more in-depth version, click here.


Start pointQuest map icon
The Void Stares Back icon
Speak to Captain Korasi at the Falador Park
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyGrandmaster Grandmaster
Quest Quests:
None of the skills can be boosted.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

All items can be obtained during the quest.


  • High level food
  • Armour and a weapon (for killing the pests) (two different combat style weapons if not using melee, for fighting the torcher pest)
  • Prayer potions
Enemies to defeat

Getting startedEdit


Room 1Edit

  • Talk to Captain Gilroy.
  • Search a crate.
  • After talking with Gilroy, take the blocks out of the crate.
  • Speak to Gilroy. Choose "I think I've got it."
  • Give him the blocks in the indicated order. (Chat 31524)
  • Balance the scale on the wall, arrange the weights to make 15 on each side. (3-5-3-4 and 2-2-5-6)
  • Proceed to the next room.

Room 2Edit

  • Kill the enemies in the room and pick up the blocks that are dropped.
  • Talk to Gilroy.
  • Exit the room and head north-west to a forge.
  • Search the crate in the south-west corner of the forge room.
  • Head east to the jail and search the crate.
  • Search a crate in the kitchen which is the most north-eastern room.
  • Return to the forge and repair it.
  • Fuel the forge with the logs.
  • Light the forge and put the broken block in it.
  • Go back to the room with Gilroy and place the blocks in the western wall.
  • Proceed to the next room.

Room 3Edit

  • Click on the control panel on the western wall.
  • Search it for magical traps.
  • Open the panel.
  • Drag the tiles into the panels so that a horizontal line is going across all three panels, while filling the empty spaces. Press confirm once completed.
Control panels (The Void Stares Back)

A possible solution

  • Proceed to the next room.

A Little GameEdit

  • Talk to Korasi.
  • Talk to Commodore Tyr.
  • Talk to Captain Korasi.
  • Enter the portal.
  • A game of modified conquest must be played and won.
    • Spinners are very powerful but do not heal like in Pest Control.
    • Ravagers have the movement range of Scouts and the damage rate of a Knight.
    • Shifters are less of a threat than other units and can be tanked if need be.
    • Torchers are similar to Mages.
    • Defilers are similar to Archers.
    • Splatters will explode and deal 100 life points of damage to any adjacent unit that is within 1 square.
  • Win the game and proceed to the next room.

The Pest QueenEdit

  • Sacrifice either Korasi or Jessika.
  • Speak to Valluta before stocking for the fight or Sir Tiffy won't teleport you back.
  • Make all necessary preparations to fight the Pest Queen.
  • Kill the Pest Queen.
    • Strategies can be found here.

Finishing upEdit

  • Talk to Korasi or Jessika.
  • Decide who to let deal with Wizard Grayzag.
  • Quest complete!

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