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This is the quick guide for The Temple at Senntisten.
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Start pointQuest map icon
The Temple at Senntisten icon
Talk to Ali the Wise in Nardah.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
LengthMedium – Long (~56 minutes)
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat

The Mysterious ArchaeologistEdit

  • Talk to Ali the Wise in the northernmost building in Nardah. (Chat 111)
  • Ask for help to get to Dr. Nabanik for a free Digsite pendant with five charges.
  • Go to Digsite.
  • Talk to Dr. Nabanik outside of the Exam Centre south of the Digsite.
  • Talk to the Archaeological expert inside the exam centre and convince him. (Chat 11111)
  • Talk to Dr. Nabanik.
  • Enter the Digsite dungeon through the westernmost winch by using your rope on it.
  • Talk to Azzanadra in the southern part of the dungeon. (Chat 11121)
  • Open the backpack, then talk to Azzanadra about both missions and about the letter from the backpack. Go through all options.
  • Talk to Azzanadra and ask about the artefacts.

Barrows IconEdit

For more information on how to kill the Barrows brothers, see this page.

  • Kill the Six Barrows brothers found in their tombs below the ground.
    • You can use barrow amulets here to skip killing some brothers, up to a maximum of 3.
  • You'll also need to kill the final brother.
  • Once all six brothers are dead, search the chest to get the Barrows icon.


Warning: You will encounter some aggressive high-level (100+) icefiends and waterfiends, therefore food and armour are recommended, even for players with a high-level combat.

Items needed: Telekinetic grab runes, heat globe from the ruined backpack.

  • Reach the Ghorrock fortress (Use the canoe near Erjolf from Tale of the Muspah for a quick access).
  • Once near the Mahjarrat Ritual Site Cavern, marked on the minimap with a dungeon icon, go east.
  • Place the Heat globe on the pedestal north side of the entrance
  • Squeeze past the ice block.
  • Enter the fortress through the south entrance and climb up the stairs to the west.
  • Run to the south-east corner of the castle and climb down the stairs.
  • Scale up the damaged wall north of the door.
  • Climb down the smashed rampart north-west.
  • Enter the trapdoor in front of you.

Upper LevelEdit

  • Run east and take the heat globe.
  • Return to the entrance room, and place the heat globe on the pedestal on the west side. A waterfiend will be released.
  • Go to the west room. Telegrab the globe from there.
  • Use the globe on this room's pedestal. Go down the trapdoor.

Lower LevelEdit

  • Pick up the globe in the southern room.
  • Use it on the pedestal back in the northern room with the ladder. 2 waterfiends will spawn.
  • Loot the crates in the south room for 40 law runes and 300 air runes.
  • Go to the east room, and take the imperfect heat orb.
  • Exit the dungeon the way you entered.


  • Scale the damaged wall to the west, then head to the north-east corner to the destroyed pedestal.
  • Use the imperfect heat orb on the "smashed globe-holder" on the ground, next to the "smashed pedestal".
  • Right-click Push the globe-holder.
  • Return to the lower level of the dungeon, re-entering the trapdoor and choosing the option "Yes, carry on from where I was."

Lower LevelEdit

  • Head back to the area where the damaged heat globe was acquired.
  • Go south through the tunnel until reaching the next heat globe.
  • Pick up the heat globe.
  • Head back east (the way you came).
  • Use the globe on the south wall (pipe).
  • Right-click Whack-pipe on the globe.
  • Go in the south-eastern room of this level and climb the ladder.

Upper LevelEdit

  • Run west until you meet an ice demon. Kill it.
  • After killing the ice demon, it should drop the Frostenhorn. Take it.

The Big BangEdit

  • Bring the Barrows Icon and the Frosternhorn to Azzanadra. (Chat 1)
  • Get the relic from the Assassin outside at the winch. (Chat 1221)
  • Give it to Azzanadra. (Chat 5)
  • After the cutscene, talk to Azzanadra again.
  • Quest complete!

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