This article is about the region accessible through player-owned ports. For other uses, see Skull.
Not to be confused with The Skulls.
The Skull

The Skull (note that the spiral island does not appear unless Siren's Shell is completed)

The Skull is a region within the Wushanko Isles found between The Arc and The Hook. It is the second region opened up by the player advancing through the player-owned ports minigame. It is a heavily fortified area in fear of an invasion from the West, possibly due to its proximity. The area is known to have gunpowder, which the Khans use to maintain a warlord status in the area. The islands of the Skull are:

  • Ai Jei, biggest island of the Skull. Produces gunpowder to trade with the rest of the Wushanko Isles, it also produces apples. The ruling khan is territorial and hostile to westerners.
  • Echo Bay, home to fishing towns that use explosives in their fishing. The ruling khan is cruel to his people.
  • Hanto, island of the Skull ruled by a tyrannical khan who closed the island to trade. According to captains with a specific trait, the khan executes his people publicly.
  • The Sunlit Veil, a thin strip of land nestled in shallow, warm seas. Mermaids are known to visit this area.
  • Thalassia, where sulphur is mined for gunpowder production. At the centre of the island is a massive jade palace, built by Thalassia's khan.
  • Siren's Shell, home of the seasingers; unlocked by a voyage.
  • Hyu-Ji, home of the Sea orphans. Ruled by a khan known as Tubjub, and later Marcus Fine.
  • Seeker Synapse, a living island that many assume to be an evolved sea monster, but is in actuality a large Seeker from Daemonheim. It has a brain at its centre and other seekers act as its sensory system.
  • 'Reggie's' Gunpowder Mills, where the best gunpowder in the region is produced.


  • All of the islands in this region, except for the Siren's Shell, share their shapes and sizes with the real-life Hawaiian Islands. Ai Jei is shaped like Hawai'i, Hanto like Maui, Thalassia like O'ahu, The Sunlit Veil like Moloka'i, Echo bay like Kaua'i, the small island south of Ai Jei like Lana'i, and the further island south of that like Kaho'olawe.