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The Shaikahan is a lion-like creature which prowls the eastern jungle of Karamja and is involved in the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest, where the player must help Tamayu defeat it. The Shaikahan is immune to normal damage and can only be killed via poison, dreadnips, Summoning familiars or a ring of recoil. These methods are the only way to damage the Shaikahan before and after the quest is complete. It has a unique drop of Shaikahan bones, which give 25 Prayer experience when buried.


  • In the Monkey Madness quest, a monkey that the player rescues from the Ardougne Zoo occasionally has a nightmare about the Shaikahan.
  • The Shaikahan received a graphical update on 25 May 2011. Before this update, it only had one tail.
  • The Shaikahan is one of the few known lion-like monsters in RuneScape, along with Commander Zilyana's bodyguard Growler and the Saradominist prideleader.
  • The Shaikahan does not appear on the minimap.
  • The Shaikahan was previously vulnerable to Karambwan poisoned spears. However, after the Evolution of Combat update, these cannot be equipped.
  • Despite Tamayu's description, the Shaikahan only stands up to the player's waist height.
Shaikahan fight

The Wise Old Man defeats the Shaikahan

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