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The Sanctum Guardian is the first boss of the Temple of Aminishi elite dungeon. She is a Crassian that guards the inner sections of the temple.

Players may use a fishy treat to skip the fight with the Sanctum Guardian.


The Sanctum Guardian attacks with AoE ranged and melee attacks. Her ranged attack consists of a purple ball landing on its target's position, and can be avoided by moving out of the way. The melee attack is a splash of water which hits all players within a 5x5 radius of the Guardian.

After the initial 4 ranged attacks, she splashes the surrounding area with a large blast of water, and from there onward, every ranged attack is followed by the special attacks rotation.

For her second attack, the Guardian blasts a torrent of water from her mouth, which is always aimed starting at the north side of the room and turns in a counter-clockwise formation, dealing up to 7,000 soft typeless damage if the player is hit by it. Players can Surge through the water or Resonance it for no damage. It cannot be outrun, as the Guardian moves too fast to do so. Players can safely avoid the attack by standing in the north-east corner, then run north-west.

Her third attack consists of picking one player and blasting a jet of water on them, causing a blue bar beneath their adrenaline bar to appear. When this bar fills, the 5x5 area around where the player stood is enveloped in purple flames. While this initially deals low damage, it will quickly cap out at 5,000 damage per tick which will easily kill any player standing in it. This attack pattern repeats until the fight is over.

After every three torrent attacks, she will summon two crassian reinforcements to assist her in battle.


  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeek! Outsiders!
  • Not council! It not welcome! Leave!
  • Acolytes and outsiders stay away from door!
  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeek! Last warning! It die!
  • I kill it! Master Masuta not have to deal with it.
  • Council will NOT be disturbed!
  • Nobody will access cistern! Nobody will access cistern!
  • Guard, guard, guard!
  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeek!
  • It not allowed in! Lady Shih's magic will stop it.
  • Even if I can't...
  • The council will chase its soul through all worlds. It die anyway...

Using a Fishy treat on the GuardianEdit

  • A fishy treat? It may pass!


In normal mode 2 drops are rolled; the 100% drop and a common mob drop.
In story mode Crassian Allegiance is the only drop; however its drop rate is higher compared to normal mode.[1]


The Guardian drops onyx dust, unless a fishy treat or Crassian Allegiance is dropped, which replaces the dust.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Onyx dustOnyx dust5–29Common129,310–749,998
Fishy treatFishy treat1RareNot sold
Crassian AllegianceCrassian Allegiance1Rare[l 1][2]Not sold
  1. ^ Has a base chance of 10+X/100 where X is the amount of normal mode kills.

Common DropsEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Coins 1000Coins200–3,500Common200–3,500
Relic of aminishi (common)Relic of aminishi (common)1CommonNot sold
Relic of aminishi (uncommon)Relic of aminishi (uncommon)1UncommonNot sold
Raw swordfishRaw swordfish1Uncommon387
Weapon poison++ (1)Weapon poison++ (1)1Uncommon7,773
Prayer potion (1)Prayer potion (1)1Uncommon776
Chimes 1000Chimes150–350UncommonNot sold
Menaphite gift offering (small)Menaphite gift offering (small)1UncommonNot sold
Suspicious gunpowderSuspicious gunpowder1UncommonNot sold
TaijituTaijitu1UncommonNot sold
Relic of aminishi (rare)Relic of aminishi (rare)1RareNot sold
Onyx dustOnyx dust1–5Very rare25,862–129,310
Seasinger weapon upgrade kitSeasinger weapon upgrade kit1Very rare710,003
Tetsu sword upgrade kitTetsu sword upgrade kit1Very rare713,089
Steadfast scaleSteadfast scale1Very rare11,933,772
Sealed clue scroll (elite)Sealed clue scroll (elite)1Very rareNot sold
Sirenic scaleSirenic scale1Very rare313,374
Draconic visageDraconic visage1Very rare1,275,627
Seiryu's clawSeiryu's claw1Very rareNot sold


  • Crassian en Masse (Runescore 30) - Defeat the Sanctum Guardian with exactly 10 crassians still alive when she dies.
  • Outflanked 'em in the Sanctum (Runescore 30) - Defeat the Sanctum Guardian without anyone taking any damage from her purple corruption.
  • Here Is My Handle (Runescore 20) - Defeat the Sanctum Guardian after being hit by her water spout 10 times.


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