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The Raptor
The Raptor
Release date 9 August 2011 (Update)
Race Unknown
Members only No
Quest NPC Song from the Depths
Location Varies
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Who could move in all that armour?
A mysterious warrior clad in thick plate armour.
The Raptor chathead

The Raptor is one of the seven Signature Heroes, and is arguably the most mysterious. In fact, "Who are the Signature Heroes?" only describes the Raptor as a mysterious warrior. Not much is yet known about the Raptor.

The Raptor's race is currently unknown, and one piece of artwork of him has been released by Jagex with the new website's Adventure Log. The Raptor seems to be very protective of his true identity, always appearing fully clad in armour and helm and refusing to take any of it off. This armour was defined as having been made by Xenia in the third episode of the Above the Lore podcast. The Raptor has been confirmed male by the game guide following the site's update.

When speaking to The Raptor, he will comment on monsters killed by the player in quests, often stating his opinion on whether the feat is impressive or not.


Raptor Hiscores

The Raptor as shown in the Hiscores main page

The Raptor's mace

Very little is known about The Raptor, even compared to the other Signature Heroes. The Raptor seems only to acknowledge combat achievements as mattering, and until you have defeated a suitably respectable opponent, such as Nomad, will refuse to talk to you entirely. His attitude to solving problems is to completely destroy anything related to the problem. The Raptor is also quite arrogant at times.

RuneScape cinematic trailerEdit

Raptor cinematic trailer

The Raptor in the cinematic trailer.

The Raptor appears in the RuneScape cinematic trailer that can be watched here.

Along with Sir Owen, Ozan and Ariane, The Raptor fought against a gigantic troll, and narrowly saves Ozan from the brute's axe.


The Raptor slays dwarf

The Raptor prepares to strike a Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer.

The Raptor can be found in various places around Gielinor, but mainly in combat-related areas.


The Raptor will frequently appear in these places for a while (around 3-4 minutes), then teleport away.

Raptor killing demons

The Raptor slaying greater demons.


RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor, second floor, etc.

The Raptor can always be found:


  • Inside the Gamers' Grotto talking to the Head mystic. The Raptor refuses to take off any armour in order to play Stealing Creation, and then teleports away.
  • Standing next to Kuradal. When speaking to him he demands a task from her, and after she argues that he could be a slayer master himself (but he wants to fight, not stand around all day) and that he should be teaching her, she assigns him 5,000 Dagannoths. After he teleports away, Kuradal will tell the player that she hopes they never become like that.
Audio options icon
The Raptor making a threat
If you're here to stop me, then you have a problem.

Quest and Miniquest AppearancesEdit

Being spat out

The trio exit the dragon in an abnormal way.

The Raptor features in the Song from the Depths quest, released in 22 May 2012. Before the start of the quest, a desperate resident of Rimmington called Lucille asked the Raptor to find the source of a strange sleep affliction that has been affecting men in the village, including Lucille's husband Waylan. He accepted the task, but Lucille recruited an adventurer later because she was very afraid of the Raptor and his methods: kill the source of the problem and destroy everything on the way there. Thus, the adventurer followed the Raptor into a dungeon, following the men's dreaming souls in the dreamland, where, after solving a number of puzzles, they witnessed the Raptor jumping down a very, very deep pit. With fear, they followed, only to be swallowed by a huge monstrosity; the Queen Black Dragon. The adventurer and the Raptor met again, after having ventured through the dragon's dangerous stomach, at the source of the disease: a siren by the name of Remora, who was heard earlier in the dungeon as a haunting voice, who was imprisoned within a sac. She was under the illusion that she was on an island and therefore lured men towards her, as she used to do in the past. The Raptor is eager to kill Remora, but she begs him for mercy, claiming to be the only way to escape the dragon. The Raptor decides to let her live a bit longer. Using her own coral crossbow, the siren is freed from the sac, unfortunately awakening the dragon, who spits the trio out and unleashes a barrage of dragonfire. Remora quickly passes her teleportation necklace, with which to get out, to the adventurer and is killed in the process by the dragonfire. The Raptor blocks the remaining fire using his shield and the two escape the dragon's lair in the nick of time. He gives the adventurer the necklace and crossbow, with a number of coral bolts to go with it, and sends them to inform Lucille of the good news that Rimmington is freed from the sleeping curse. He then stays at Sir Rebrum's campsite at the entrance of the Grotworm Lair, which is full of parasites that feed from the Queen's insides.



The Raptor depicted in the Adventurer's Log


The Raptor Locked

The Raptor locked in the Wilderness Volcano after the graphical update.

  • The depiction of The Raptor's helmet in the chathead is different from how it looks on the ingame avatar.
  • The Raptor can be seen standing in Daemonheim in the Daemonheim animated background on the RuneScape start page as of 9 August 2011.
  • The Raptor is very popular among the player community. When Jagex released a poll on the RuneScape website based around the cinematic trailer they had released, asking which character featuring in it was their favourite, The Raptor won by over 50%.
  • The Raptor's shield must have some form of anti-dragonbreath imbued in it, because in Song from the Depths, when the Queen Black Dragon breathes fire upon Remora, The Raptor and the player, The Raptor withstands the dragonbreath without taking any damage, even so considering the Queen's breath is by far stronger than even the King black dragon's. This is also proven when he battles brutal green dragons.
  • The Raptor is the third signature hero to play a role in a quest, and the last to play a role in quests and Fremennik Sagas.
Audio options icon
The Raptor's menacing voice
I'm going to put an end to your witchcraft.
  • The Raptor was a commentator in the Gielinor Games.
  • In the Gielinor Games Cheese Wheel Rolling event, after commenting about cheese, the Raptor would say "If you'll excuse me, I have strykewyrms to kill.". This suggests he has at least a Slayer level of 73, although his conversation with Kuradal suggests he is 99, maybe even higher as Kuradal comments "[He] should be teaching me."
  • If one tries talking to The Raptor before they have defeated any "worthy opponents", he will completely ignore them.
  • It was revealed by Mod Osborne in a Live Podcast that the Raptor would feature in a quest where he attempts to challenge a God.
  • It appears The Raptor has about 1000 life points, as for a small time he could be slain by the brutal green dragons due to an update which buffed their strength.
  • The Raptor has the second highest hit in RuneScape, as this is shown when he is fighting monsters. While fighting Brutal green dragons, he can hit up to 10,000 life points in one blow on the dragon.
  • Although the Raptor fights monsters in most places, despite the new targeting system implemented by the Evolution of Combat, when he is attacking a monster the monster he targets does not have an asterisk along with it.
  • The Raptor has the same voice actor as Bandos.

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