The Pincers

The Pincers region. Kei Pi and the Glittercaves are visible in the bottom-left corner.

The Pincers is a region within the Wushanko Isles accessible by the Player-owned port minigame, found far from the West. It is the sixth region opened up by the player advancing through the minigame. This is where Felix the Black Marketeer lived before beginning his journey to the West. Its khans have armies of ships and soothsayers and wage war against each other at a whim. Quin lives here, in the palace known as Paradise.

The islands are joined together by massive bridges and dams in a failed attempt to engender togetherness and trust. It is a hotbed of intrigue and betrayal. Steel production here bolsters the massive shipping industry.

  • Ashihama - A heavily fortified island known for the refinement and ambition of its citizens.
  • Flou Tar-Shei - Officially accorded neutral ground, this island is a place of peace. Khans can relax here, if nowhere else.
  • The Hole in the World - On this island stands a great hole that has never been explored. Pirates dump bodies here, and the Occultist sought death within.
  • Khanoka - The diplomatic capital of the Eastern Lands, and the site of the Halls of Reckoning.
  • New Heritage - The most populous city of all the Eastern Lands. The city is largely built on the coast, with some smaller buildings built into a mountain.
  • Paradise - Home of Quin, the seasinger. A small island, surrounded by sea monsters, with jungle and a single palace on four white pillars.
  • The Pearl Fortress - Headquarters and stronghold of the Death Lotus assassins.
  • Shambling Lair - Rumour abounds of a tiny island where two-headed beast sorcerers bind the drowned dead to their service.
  • Yamada Island - A major cultural centre and focus of social gathering.


Voyages which do not mention specific islands may be gathered here.

  • In An Arcane Bounty, the Occultist understands that there are resources near the Grove of Trees the Eat Oxen.
  • In Break It Up, Boys, the player's ship intercedes in a fight between a fleet of Blazing Lantern ships and Golden Katana schooners.
  • The Carapace Kraken has gone on a mad rampage. The player sends a ship to subdue the beast to end the spree and make the area more secure.
  • In The Forgotten Scrolls, the Whaler may be needed to fight a twelve-headed hydra that guards a scroll fragment.
  • In Return Home, the player helps a wizard who's strayed very far from the Wizard's Tower to perform a spell to help him return home.


  • When speaking to vicious captains, they reveal that they grew up in The Pincers.
  • Mod Edam's face can be found in bottom right of the full map, blended in with the water. It used to be clearer, but as of the ports update, has faded slightly.
  • The island Flou Tar-Shei is a reference to the pegasus Fluttershy, a character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.