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The Pharaoh is the current ruler over Menaphos. He is an unseen character and mentioned in several quests. Not much is known about the Pharaoh himself but the few sources available, one of which from Jex, describes him as a cruel and greedy man who dislikes gods such as Crondis, who promotes modesty. The Menaphite Leader describes him as a "thrall of Tumeken".


In the early second century of the Fifth Age, the Pharaoh of Menaphos established a peace pact with the Emir of Al Kharid, although hostility still remains. Prior to the events of The Feud, a group of Amascut worshippers led by the Menaphite Leader attempted to overthrow him. As a result of this, they were exiled from Menaphos, and attempted to regroup in Pollnivneach before attempting another offensive against him.

The gates of Menaphos are currently sealed due to the many plagues sent by Amascut to the neighbouring city of Sophanem. As a consequence, Sophanem and Menaphos were immediately put under quarantine, and no Sophanites are allowed to leave the town nor enter Menaphos.

During Stolen Hearts, Menaphos has made attempts to put one of their own leaders on the throne of Al-Kharid under the guise of offering stability to the city as the Emir is ill and his son, Ali, is missing in action. It is unknown to what extent the Pharaoh is aware of Amascut's involvement throughout Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough.

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