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Menaphos Pharaoh cinematic

The Menaphite Pharaoh on his throne

The Pharaoh is the current ruler of Menaphos. He is considered to be greedy and cruel, at least by the people of Sophanem.[1] He appears to hold little regard for religion, employing men willing to open fire on religious leaders.[2]

During the Fifth Age, Menaphos was at war with Al Kharid but declared a fragile peace with Emir Shah. When the Emir fell ill and his son Ali Mirza went missing, Jabari, a Menaphite ambassador and thrall of the Devourer sent to Al Kharid demanded stability, even if that meant putting a Menaphite on the throne, even temporarily. The offer was rejected, with Al Kharid's spymaster Osman suggesting the Pharaoh was involved in the kidnapping of the Prince.[3] The Emir believed that Menaphos would declare war should he die without Ali to take up the throne, though he was later recovered.

At an unknown time, a group of Amascut devotees attempted to overthrow the Pharaoh but failed. They were subsequently exiled from Menaphos and retreated to Pollnivneach to regroup for another attempt.

When the neighbouring city of Sophanem became infested by plagues, the Pharaoh ordered the gates between the cities sealed, quarantining the city and restricting the movement of Sophanites. Attempts to establish contact between the cities have been violently repelled by Coenus, the vicious Captain of the Menaphite Guard. Upon hearing the slaves of Sophanem had been temporarily relieved of their duty following the quarantine, the Menaphite slaves rose in rebellion, although Coenus and his men managed to harshly subdue the revolt in the imperial and merchant districts.



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