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The Mysterious Adventurer is a book which can be read from Jorral's bookcase in the Outpost, after finishing the Making History quest. It describes an adventurer - which happens to be you - and lists selected achievements which refer to various quests.

The book cannot be taken from the bookcase.


The book mentions in 10 pages the following quests, respectively:

Transcript Edit

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:The Mysterious Adventurer.

Word is spreading of a brave and intelligent adventurer who goes by the name '[Player]', he/she has talked to a great many people, helping solve problems and improving their lives.

The list of achievements include:

 - Confronting the demon Delrith with the sword Silverlight.

 - Returning the skull of a ghost so that he may rest in peace.

 - Collecting ingredients for the chef in Lumbridge to make a cake.

 - Helping Dr Fenkenstrain create a monster.

 - Being launched from a cannon wearing a gold helm just to help an old dwarf.

 - Meddling with a Mourner's soup in West Ardougne.

 - Shearing many sheep to help Fred the Farmer.

 - Sabotaging the plans of the black knights with just a cabbage!

 - Turning a chicken called Ernest into a man.

 - Participating in the fishing contest at Hemenster and winning the prize.

 - Searching for a lost cat and returning its kitten.

 - Defeating the incredible threat of Nomad.

 - Helping the Void Knights and deciding the fate of the Wizard Grayzag.

 - Tracking down and actually touching Guthix's prized stone of power.

 - Getting initiated into the elitist Legend's Guild.

 - Uncovering an ancient magic spellbook in the heart of the desert.

 - Vanquishing a zombie disease affecting deadly ogres.

 - Making a beautiful, real quality garden for the Queen of Varrock.

 - Charming all of the rats in Port Sarim!

 - Battling against the fearsome Dagannoth alongside the Fremennik.

The list goes on, so we can see that [Player] is destined for great things for which RuneScape should be truly grateful!

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