For the pet, see Zoltan.
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The Mighty Zoltan was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
The Mighty Zoltan
The Mighty Zoltan
Release date 24 April 2017 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Lumbridge Crater
Examine A machine that used to give out happy messages, but now only gives out mis-fortunes. Gives Divination XP. (10 tokens)
The Mighty Zoltan location
The Mighty Zoltan chathead

The Mighty Zoltan was a fortune booth east of the main stage, and west of the ticket and token stall in Lumbridge Crater under the Spring Fayre.

It could be used to obtain a mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan for the cost of ten fayre attraction tokens. This also rewarded a small amount of experience in Divination (139.8 at level 99, or 153.7 during a Happy Hour) and had about 42% chance to yield six fayre prize tickets (one during a Happy Hour). One free inventory slot was required to play on this machine. It took roughly 21 seconds to obtain a mis-fortune by right-clicking the machine and to dispose of it. The machine could also be talked to to get a mis-fortune, but this was much slower due to the extra dialogue.

During a Happy Hour, around 171 mis-fortunes could be obtained for 72 tickets.

It was possible to get duplicates of the same mis-fortune.

There was a confirmation prompt about gaining experience and spending tokens when getting a mis-fortune that could be toggled off permanently.

It hid one of the festive eggs and must be searched via a right-click option.



  • The Mighty Zoltan is based on the Mighty Zoltar machine from the 1988 American comedy film Big.