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This article is a strategy guide for The Magister.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

The Magister is a Slayer boss found in the depths of the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. Fighting him requires 115 Slayer in addition to a Key to the Crossing.

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

  • Auto-attacks: The Magister primarily attacks with magic using a twirling animation. After three auto-attacks, he uses one of these abilities:
    • Ranged attack: He will use a ranged attack, where he charges up a ball of energy before launching it at the player, dealing high ranged damage. He will slam his staff on the ground and cracks will appear, followed by the attack.
    • Bomb: The Magister yells "Dodge this!", sending out a small bomb near the player, which will explode for heavy damage if near it. It can be kicked to the Magister, dealing 4,000 typeless damage, though it requires the player to face him upon kicking the bomb, or it will fly off and deal no damage. Luring him to the bomb also works. If the bomb hits familars, it does 2,000 damage to them. The bomb can hit several targets at once, as long as they are in its radius.
    • Lunge: The Magister yells "You dare fight me?" and lunges at the player (similar to the Crystal Shapeshifters spiked crystal attack). It can be avoided by running far enough, though the distance required seems to vary depending on the direction the player chooses to run. This deals melee damage. If you have protection or deflection curses active, it will briefly disable them, although this will not occur if the attack is blocked with Resonance.
    • Minions: The Magister will occasionally summon two imperial akhs to attack the player, which can consist of any combination of imperial mage akhs, imperial ranger akhs, and imperial warrior akhs. These imperial guard akhs do not require level 117 Slayer to kill, do not use abilities, and only have 10,000 life points. They also give 2% corruption (which can go over 25%, capping at 50%) and do not count towards a soul devourer task.
    • Life Siphon: The Magister uses an Asphyxiate-like animation, healing himself mildly while damaging the player at the same time. It can be avoided by staying far enough from him and stopped by running out of his range or damaging him enough with melee. Note that if you run from the attack, you must get a message stating that you have been far enough to cancel his life siphon attack; him simply moving towards you is not enough to stop this.
    • Stun: If the player is in melee distance, the Magister will yell "Stay still!", dealing damage and stunning the player and backing away in a manner similar to Escape.
  • Soul Obelisk: Upon reaching 150,000 life points, the soul obelisk turns active and sends out a health debuff (3 stacks each time). Each stack reduces the player's maximum health by 100, and also lowers the player's Constitution level. Drinking a dose of super restore potion removes seven of these stacks at a time.
  • Corrupted Obelisk: Upon reaching 100,000 life points, the Magister summons a second obelisk across the soul obelisk. This obelisk periodically deals damage to the player while it is active and adds a corruption stack (4%, which can go over 25%, capping at 50%)
  • Automatic Healing: The Magister can occasionally call on the Soul Obelisk to heal him, healing anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 life points. This attack seems to only be used below 150,000 life points.
  • Siphon: Drains 10% of the player's adrenaline when used.
  • Resonance: The next successful hit on him will heal him instead.


The Magister is equally weak to all combat styles, though magic and ranged are preferred as it allows the player to react quicker to his attacks and to avoid the stun attack. While he counts towards a soul devourer task, the slayer helmet does not provide any accuracy or damage bonuses; however, it enables Tuska's Wrath to be used on him for significant damage.


To start the fight, interact with the soul obelisk (this will summon him and consume your Key to the Crossing). Upon spawning, apply debuffs if possible and send a dreadnip at him. He is stunned momentarily when he appears, and will never break free of this stun.

It is important to note that the corruption effect can also apply here. The corruption caps at 50%, though this is only achievable during the fight, as it resets to 25% upon defeating him. The Feather of Ma'at is not needed to kill off the Magister or his minions, though carrying some is advised if the corruption is too high for the player to handle.

A decent strategy to avoid extraneous damage is to engage the Magister as normal until a pair of Imperial akhs is summoned. If an imperial mage akh is one of the two summoned, leave it alive. The Magister cannot summon additional minions until the present minions are killed, so players can avoid getting surprised by more minions, especially on high corruption. Protect/Deflect Magic can help shave damage off from the mage akh, and Devotion, Devoted/Enhanced Devoted can fully block the incoming attacks. If both of them spawn as warriors or rangers, it is advised to kill them off to avoid unnecessary damage.

The Magister has low affinity and a very high defense, and even players with high tier weapons should expect to splash multiple attacks. It is highly recommended to use an accuracy aura or a reaper necklace; experienced players may use a nihil an increase in hitchance.

It is important to pay attention to when the Magister changes phases. Avoid using stun abilities such as Asphyxiate or Deep Impact near 150,000, 100,000, or 50,000 life points, as it will result in a period where the next phase will not start until he breaks free of the stun. Furthermore, there is a damage hardcap between phase transitions; using abilties such as Wild Magic during such transitions will result in extra damage beyond phase transition life points to not apply. A recent update has allowed the Magister to be able to use Freedom if stunned, though he doesn't seem to apply it often.

The use of the Resonance ability on the Lunge and Ranged attack is advised, as it can often heal significant damage, especially at high corruption stacks. However, this is only recommended when he is alone, as a minion may snipe it otherwise and leave the player open to high damage.

When he reaches 150,000 life points, the Magister will activate the Soul Obelisk, draining the player's Constitution level. From this point on, the player must quickly kill the Magister, or the soul obelisk will drain too much health - to the point where the Magister and his minions can kill the player with one hit. It can safely be ignored if the player has plenty of super restore potions with them.

When he reaches 100,000 life points, he will summon a corrupted obelisk with 25,000 life points near the exit to the room. This obelisk will apply 600 typeless damage to the player once every few seconds. The corrupted obelisk also appears to increase the rate at which the corruption effect is applied while it remains alive, however - it may be of assistance if the player should find the buff to damage dealt to outweigh the cost of a proportional increase in damage taken. It is up to the player if they want to destroy it.

When he reaches 50,000 life points, he will go berserk (much like Nomad), allowing the Magister to deal more damage with his attacks, though his attacks also appear to become significantly more inaccurate, and his defence lowered. It is recommended to use Tuska's Wrath if on a slayer task during this phase, as the Magister deals increasing damage.

Any active obelisks and minions that are alive when the Magister is killed will automatically perish with him.

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