The Lost Grove
The Lost Grove
Release date 25 September 2017 (Update)
Sea Western Sea
Kingdom(s) Tirannwn
Members Yes
No. of banks None
No. of altars None
No. of obelisks None
Teleportation Fairy ring bjs (after completing with bittercap mushrooms)
Guilds None
Music The Lost Grove
Inhabitants Lost Grove creatures
The Lost Grove map

The Lost Grove is an island west of Tirannwn, home to high-level slayer monsters and tree spirits. The Wisps of the Grove Distraction and Diversion is located here, and can be started by talking to Teelee.

The Grove contains an unknown power, which Guthix assigned to the anima-being Solak to protect the grove from those that would seek its power. During the Second Age, Seren sent a group of elite elven warriors to aid Solak in this task. One of these warriors desired to take the power for their own causing Solak to consume that elf at the cost of its sanity. The grove then disappeared until the fifth year of the Sixth Age, where it mysteriously reappeared, though Solak is nowhere to be seen yet.

Players can find some ruins that explain the lore of what happened in The Lost Grove with the elves and the walker Solak. These ruins are located at the north-east of the offering cradle and upon being examined state that "a Seren symbol is carved into the ruins".

Getting there Edit

The Lost Grove entrance location

The standstone south of Poison Waste

You can get to The Lost Grove by inspecting the standstone south of the poison waste, west of the Incandescent wisps. Using the fairy ring code BKP to go South of Castle Wars and running west is the fastest way to get there. Once you have arrived at The Lost Grove, you may use 5 bittercap mushrooms on the fairy ring near the middle of the island and use the code BJS to get there even faster in the future.


There are three level 140 monsters that inhabit the Grove that require the following Slayer levels to harm:

Morvran is the only Slayer Master capable of assigning these creatures. They all fit under one category.

Vinecrawlers provide the most profit but least experience, while Moss golems provide the most experience but lowest profit. Bulbous crawlers are a mix between the two, offering an equal amount of profit and experience rates.

These monsters all offer a chance at dropping the hybrid Cinderbane gloves, a pair of deadly gauntlets that passively poison any foe you hit.

Distraction and DiversionEdit

Main article: Wisps of the Grove

There is a weekly distraction and diversion based on Farming and Hunter. The player must find and collect certain wisps and return them in exchange for experience and a chance at Vinny, a pet.


There are two pets that can be found on the Lost Grove: Clover, unlocked by finding a mossy rock and attaching it to the Headless moss golem; and Vinny, obtained by participating in the Wisps of the Grove Distraction and Diversion.



  • Despite appearing to be west of Tirannwn on the World Map, it is not actually physically located there, much like Braindeath Island and The Arc. The spot it appears on the map is actually occupied by Soul Wars, which the map shows to be south of Tirannwn.