The Hook

Map of The Hook region

The Hook is a region within the Wushanko Isles accessible by the Player owned ports minigame, found east of The Arc and between The Skull and The Scythe. It is the third region opened up by the player advancing through the minigame. The Hook is less settled than The Skull. Apart from deposits of black slate, which is quarried by a dispersed population of mining colonies, it is otherwise mostly barren and a fine place for those seeking solitude for whatever reason. The Hook has a concentration of various monsters and beasts, such as Reef Sharks, Land Sharks, Two-headed Razor Snakes, Barbed-beaked Flycatchers, and Chimeras. The islands of the Hook are:

  • Bay of Playful Sirens - Honazo, a crabbing town, stands in a wide and peaceful bay here. According to a mission, there is a flying fortress around this area.
  • The Forgotten Chimera Straits - The Chimera Isles are here. Since the straits are used by smugglers, a number of inns and smuggling dens can be found on the isles.
  • The Earthquake Straits - The sea between these two islands is an unfathomable depth, a rift of stone from which earthquakes are born.
  • The Fistmarks of Genma - The scientific and superstitious disagree on what came to form the knuckle-shaped depressions indenting the entire surface of this island. The Fist of Fury is found on the Fistmarks of Genma. The Gulf of Fury is north of the Fistmarks of Genma.
  • Rapa Causeway - Vast columns of black stone erupt from the ground across the length of this island; one can walk from coast to coast without ever touching the soil. According to several missions, there is a slaving compound in this area, and is full of slavers and bounty hunters. The Onyx Obelisk is found north of the Rapa Causeway.
  • Rei Ti - A mining colony originally built to dig for black slate; it has become highly prosperous since discovering large quantities of high-quality gems. According to several missions, a corrupt Judge of the Dice and a khan and his advisor lives here.
  • Teardrop Islands - Named not for their shape or anything that goes on there, but for the proliferation of waterfalls that fill the air with mist and spray.
  • Carlos's Fusion Kitchen - Named for the restaurant and hotel established by Carlos Napp.
  • Hubbub's Lovetubs - An island that serves as a spa for sirens.

Player-owned Port VoyagesEdit

  • In Explore the Seas the player sends a ship to explore a rickety old merchant ship, belonging to a merchant sea orphan, in search of resources. They warn their captain to beware of razor-sharp coral and the reef sharks that swim close to the shores.
  • In Supply and Demand the player sends a ship to trade with a rickety old merchant ship, belonging to a merchant sea orphan, for stolen black slate.
  • In Break It Up, Boys the player sends a ship to either intercede in a fight between pirates from the Gold Katanas clan and the Blazing Lanterns clan, or between pirates from the Blazing Lantern clan and the Storm Riders clan.
  • In To the Rescue the player sends a ship to either intercede in a fight between a mining gang and their escaped slaves, or a lone soothsayer and the demonic creature she has accidentally summoned, or a convoy of turtle-riding traders, who are transporting ancient bones, and the exiles who are pursuing them.
  • In Gangplanks and Cannons the player sends a ship to either board an unused mining vessel and claim the black slate that has been left on it, or board the Flying Ship of Ozmo and claim the stocks of plate.
  • In Bounty Hunter the player sends a ship to collect the bounty on bounty on a seasinger who's been driving the local sea creatures into a frenzy.
  • In A Ritual the player sends a ship to help a group of soothsayers perform a Ritual of Calm Skies to protect the local miners.
  • In The Razor Snake the player sends a ship to free a family of sirens who are being held captive by a two-headed razor snake.

Allies and Enemies of the PortmasterEdit

  • Exiled Soothsayer at the Bay of Playful Sirens, befriended during A Friend Indeed. An intelligent magus with a wide array of knowledge.
  • Blazing Lantern Clansman, befriended during A Friend Indeed, they are located in the Rapa Causeway and grant access to the Blazing Lantern's and their resources.
  • Ken Ji Mining Guild, allied during First Contact the Portmaster frequently trades with them, both stone and secrets.


  • Most of the islands in this region share their shapes and sizes with a major island of the real-life Hawai'ian Islands. Rapa Causeway is shaped like O'ahu, Bay of Playful Sirens like Maui, The Fistmarks of Genma like Kaua'i, the island east of The Fistmarks of Genma like Ni'ihau, the northeast Earthquake Straits island like Moloka'i, the northwest Earthquake Straits island like Lana'i, and the northwest Teardrop island like Kaho'olawe.