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The Heart teleport detail

The Heart teleport is a teleport tablet that teleports to the Heart of Gielinor, just inside the entrance. It can only be used once the Tales of the God Wars miniquest has been completed.

This item may be made in a player-owned house using the mahogany eagle lectern with a piece of soft clay, two law runes, and two fire runes. Doing so requires level 61 in Magic, granting 70 experience per tablet.


The Heart teleport The Heart teleport
Magic-Make-X GE icon
70 XP-2,946
Magic Magic level61
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Soft claySoft clay1504504
Law runeLaw rune2368736
Fire runeFire rune2112224
Total price1,464


All runes Fire staff or equivalent
1482 coins 1706 coins


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