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This article is about the competition. For the Super September statue, see Golden Gnome.
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The Golden Gnomes is an annual major Oscar-like award competition held by Jagex, usually around the time of Runefest. It differed to the past 2 Machinima competitions as it had an additional few category's to enter into, and resulted in separate winners for each category.

As of 2013, there have been three Golden Gnome Awards held. One in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

The past two events, Party Pete hosted the award ceremonies, and a selection of well known Jagex Moderators including Mod MMG and Paul Gower. In 2013, it was hosted by Mod Mark and Mod Paul M.



For the 2010 competition, entrants had a choice of 3 styles of video entries, which were Machinima, Live action or Animation, and for each of the styles, they could choose either the short story or RSMV (RuneScape Music Video) categories.

The categories were as follows:

  • Best Machinima short story
  • Best Machinima RSMV
  • Best live action short story
  • Best live action RSMV
  • Best animation short story
  • Best animation RSMV

For each of the categories, 2 entries were selected as finalists.


For the 2011 Competition, the categories were slightly broadened, to allow more people to participate.

The categories were as follows:

  •  Best Voice Acting
  •  Best Use of Effects
  •  Best Use of Sound
  •  Best Story Telling
  •  Funniest Video
  •  Best Video Overall

For each of the categories, 3 entries were selected as finalists.


In 2013, the categories were not all video categories. There was also 15 gnomes to be handed out, for things like cosplay, art, videos and achievements.

The categories were as follows:

  • Best YouTube Channel
  • Best Art
  • I should win a gnome because...
  • Top Ranking Zamorakian & Saradominist
  • Best livestream
  • Top Ranking Player
  • Best Live Action
  • Top Ranking clan
  • Funniest Video
  • Machinima one to watch
  • Best Guide
  • Lifetime achievement
  • Best cosplay


What are the rules?

  • Entries must sent as a link to the with the information given in each category.
  • If you are under the age of 13, your entry must be sent from your parent or guardian’s email address.
  • All videos must include your username.
  • All entries must comply fully with the RuneScape Rules of Conduct.
  • Your submission must be RuneScape related
  • For the video submissions, any music can be used as long as the artist agrees.

The 2010 finalistsEdit

Below were the twelve finalists chosen by Jagex:

Best Machinima short story (YouTube link)

  • Untitled by Robz - Winner
  • Untitled by bumbum007

Best Machinima RSMV (YouTube link)

  • Untitled by Postrach2
  • Untitled by Neon Slay - Winner

Best live action short story (YouTube link)

  • Odd One Out by 1carrot - Winner
  • The Barbarian Way by Mystic Man77

Best live action RSMV (YouTube link)

  • The Switch by High Quota
  • Untitled by KKComics - Winner

Best animation short story (YouTube link)

  • Untitled by Mino-Tauros - Winner
  • The Wilderness Guardians by His Lordship

Best animation RSMV (YouTube link)

  • Untitled by Josh1391 - Winner
  • Untitled by Green Tea3

2011 FinalistsEdit

Two nominees were chosen by Jagex for each category with the exception of Best Video 2011, where three nominees were chosen. The winner was determined at RuneFest via voters in the audience, while the winner for Best Video Overall was determined by votes from the entire playerbase.

Best Use of Effects:

  • Nozferatu (Winner)
  • Sundownraven

Best Use of Sound:

  • Dale of Hope (Winner)
  • Stoke

Funniest Video:

  • BumBum007 (Winner)
  • Sundownraven

Best Story Telling:

  • Prezleek (Winner)
  • Evil Yakuza

Best Voice Acting:

  • Evil Yakuza (Winner)
  • Nozferatu

Best Animation:

  • Jeffrey Son (Winner)
  • Ox-Burger

Best Video 2011:

  • BumBum007 (Winner)
  • Nozferatu
  • Stoke

2013 finalistsEdit

Most winners were decided by Jagex, except two, which was decided by audience cheering.

Best YouTube Channel

  • Will Miss It

Best Art

  • BornToDesign
  • Runnerups: Teezkut, V O R P A L

Top Ranking Zamorakian & Saradominist

  • Saradominist: Sgt Tilley
  • Zamorakian: Awww

Best Livestream

  • Bonesaw

Top Ranking Player

  • Jake

Best Live Action

  • Nozfrateu

Top Ranking Clan

  • Maxed (Clan name)

Funniest Video

  • Realscaperz

Machinima one-to-watch

  • Zarakye

Best Guide

  • A Friend

Lifetime Achievement

  • Zezima

Best Cosplay

  • Girl: Demolitione
  • Boy: Rodeo wn



A Golden Gnome Award.

  • A Big Ticket (an all expenses paid trip to the UK to visit Jagex Games studio) (Was only a reward in 2010)
  • Runescape merchandice (Only a reward in 2010/11)
  • Lifetime RuneScape membership (Only a reward in 2010/11)
  • 3 months membership (2013)
  • A Golden Gnome award.
  • In-game Golden Gnome pet (2013)


  • At first, the animation category was not put forward as a category for the Golden Gnomes, but after a great deal of feedback it was introduced into the Golden Gnomes.
  • The Golden Gnomes were the first RuneScape video competition to have more than one finalist and the first to introduce the Animation and Live action video categories.
  • The Golden Gnome award is not in fact made of real gold, but made of a durable plastic, but is still gold in colour.
  • During the award ceremony, Excl, a previous Machinima competition winner, made a special appearance to announce the winner of the Machinima Short Story category.
  • In 2013, player S U O M I achieved rank 1 overall before the Gnome ceremony, but because of the time the winners were decided, Jake won this prize.


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