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This is the quick guide for The Giant Dwarf.
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Start pointQuest map icon
The Giant Dwarf icon
The Keldagrim mines east of Rellekka and north-west of the mountain camp. Follow the dwarven statues to the underground river.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
LengthMedium to Long (~30 minutes)


  • 21 Agility Agility (for underground tunnel to the GE)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Recommended There is a bank in Keldagrim, so you don't have to carry everything there. Once you're there, take the items out for use in the quest.
Enemies to defeat None

Under arrestEdit

  • Talk to the Dwarven Boatman inside the cave east of Rellekka. (Chat 11)
  • After the cutscene, continue dialogue with Commander Veldaban. (Chat 2)
  • In east Keldagrim, just northwest of the pub, talk to Blasidar the Sculptor. (Chat 2)

King's clothesEdit

Librarian location

Librarian's Location

  • In the large building just west, talk to Vermundi at the silk icon. (Chat 2)
  • In the building west of the northern bridge, talk to the Librarian. (Chat 2)
  • While weighing less than 30 kg, attempt to climb the bookcase against the north wall.
  • With the book, return to Vermundi. (Chat 2)
  • Use coal and logs on her spinning machine.
  • Try to light it until the engine starts. (This may take several attempts)
  • Talk to Vermundi. (Chat 21)

King's axeEdit

  • Northwest corner of Keldagrim, talk to Santiri. (Chat 222)
  • Use 3 sapphires on the battleaxe.
  • If you have not completed The Knight's Sword:
    • Talk to Santiri again.
    • Talk to the Librarian east.
    • Talk to Reldo in Varrock Palace about Imcando Dwarfs.
    • Take a Redberry pie with you when you talk to Thurgo.
  • Talk to Thurgo in his small hut, south of Port Sarim. (Chat 231)
    • Have an iron bar to give to Thurgo.

King's bootsEdit

  • Far west of the city, talk to Saro at the anvil icon. (Chat 2)
  • North of the bank, talk to Dromund.
  • Take the left boot while his back is turned.
  • Run outside to the northwest window.
  • With his back turned, Telekenetic Grab the right boot.
  • With the 3 items, talk to Riki the sculptor's model near Blasidar the sculptor.
  • Talk to Blasidar for a cutscene.

Climbing the corporate ladderEdit

In the event you do not possess the ore or bars the secretary or director assigns as your task, you do not have to accept it, simply cancel the dialogue and request another task.
  • Run west to the marketplace building and up the stairs.
  • Talk to any secretary - your character's gender may disqualify your eligibility to work for that colour of company, consequently try another colour. (Chat 3~)
  • Fetch them the required ore. (Repeat for a total of 6 tasks)
  • Talk to the director. (Chat 3~)
  • Fetch them the required bars. (Repeat for a total of 3 tasks)
  • Talk to the director. (Chat 2311)
  • West of the bank, return to Commander Veldaban. (Chat 122)
  • Quest complete!


The Giant Dwarf reward
  • 2 quest points
  • 2,500 Crafting experience
  • 2,500 Mining experience
  • 2,500 Smithing experience
  • 1,500 Firemaking experience
  • 1,500 Magic experience
  • 1,500 Thieving experience
  • The ability to use the mine cart system
  • The ability to work for the company the player has chosen by completing tasks similar to the ones in the quest
  • The ability to teleport to Keldagrim with a luck of the dwarves or a Hazelmere's signet ring
  • The ability to use members-only gravestones, which last longer than the free-to-play gravestones
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice
Music unlocked

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