[Name] the Gamebreaker
Release date 2 March 2015 (Update)
Members No
Position Suffix and Prefix
Source Other
(Awarded by Jagex Staff)
Category Miscellaneous Titles
Hidden until unlocked

the Gamebreaker is a title which was selectively given out over time to players who report bugs and provide feedback during the 2015 Combat Beta and the 2016 NXT Beta weekends. The process by which the title is given out, starts with being nominated by staff working on the beta. From those nominated, a few are chosen.[1] It is also accompanied by an inbox message.

Hi there,

We've just updated your account to unlock 'the Gamebreaker' title! Congratulations and thank you for your contribution and feedback towards the BETA. You will be able to locate this title under the miscellaneous section of the titles interface.

Mod Harrison


There are 10 variants of this title, some deliberately broken. The title randomly changes every login or every activation.

  • [Name] the Gamebreaker
  • [Name] the Gamebreaker
  • [Name] the Gamebreaker ("the Gam" uses the same colour as username)
  • [Name] the Gamebreaker
  • [Name]  the   Gamebreaker (extra spaces)
  • [Name] thE gAmEbrEAkEr
  • [Name] the Gaembreaker
  • [Name] the Gamebreakr
  • the Gamebreaker [Name]
  • [Name] le testeur bêta


This title changes according to the language of the server on which RuneScape is played, as shown below:

Language Title
German [Name] der Gamebreaker / die Gamebreakerin[t 1]
French [Name] le Roi du bêta / la Reina du bêta[t 2]
Portuguese [Name] o Quebra-jogo / a Quebra-jogo[t 3]
  1. ^ The French version of the title on English servers is in English on German worlds
  2. ^ The French version of the title on English servers is in English on French worlds
  3. ^ The French version of the title on English servers is in English on Portuguese worlds


  • This title was granted to only 32 people over the course of Combat Beta 2015.[2]


  1. ^ Mod Pi. "About this Gamebreaker title..." 2 April 2015. RuneScape Beta Feedback Forums.
  2. ^ Jagex. Mod Harrison's Twitter account. 9 February 2016. Mod Harrison: "32"

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