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This is the quick guide for The Fremennik Trials.
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Start pointQuest map icon
The Fremennik Trials icon
Speak to Brundt the Chieftain (located in the longhall) in Rellekka.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Official lengthLong
RequirementsThe below skill requirements are not boostable unless stated otherwise.
  • 40 Woodcutting Woodcutting
  • Ability to defeat a level 96 NPC
  • Ability to defeat a fairly strong warrior without armour and weapons.
The Woodcutting, Fletching, and Crafting requirements are not needed if you decide to kill Borrokar for the enchanted lyre. However, this takes much longer - often hours.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

Obtainable during quest:

Enemies to defeat
  • Koschei the deathless (three forms - the fourth does not have to be killed, as letting it kill you will result in victory and no loss of items. They do not have a combat level)
  • Borrokar (level 56) (if you wish to get his lyre instead)
  • The Draugen (level 96)

The TrialsEdit

You can complete the trials in any order.

Click on either the map circle or the name of the Fremennik below to go to that NPC's section of the guide

The Fremennik IslesBrundt the ChieftainManni the RevellerOlaf the BardPeer the SeerSigli the HuntsmanSigmund The MerchantSwensen the NavigatorThorvald the WarriorBrundt the ChieftainManni the RevellerOlaf the BardPeer the SeerSigli the HuntsmanSigmund The MerchantSwensen the NavigatorThorvald the WarriorThe Fremennik Trials map

Manni the RevellerEdit

Items needed: Beer, 250 coins
  • Talk to Manni the Reveller in the longhall next to Brundt.
  • Pick up a Keg of beer and Beer from one of the tables. Do NOT challenge yet.
  • Travel to Seers' Village and purchase a low alcohol keg from the Poison Salesman.
  • Use beer on council workman at the bridge south of Rellekka. He will give you a strange object in return.
  • Light the strange object and use it on the pipe on the eastern wall of the longhall. Re-enter the longhall. Mix your low alcohol keg into the other keg and the strange object will explode.
  • Challenge Manni. You will win and receive his vote.

Olaf the BardEdit

Items needed: Raw potato, onion, cabbage, and a raw shark
  • Speak to Olaf the Bard, who is located east of the longhall.
  • Travel to the swaying tree, which is located east of Rellekka's southern border and indicated by a rare tree symbol on the map.
  • Chop off a branch and craft it into an unstrung lyre.
  • Head south-east. You will find an enclosure with golden sheep and a Golden Apple Tree in it.
  • Talk to Lalli, the troll near the Golden Apple Tree and ask him about golden wool. He will mention that he gave some golden wool to another human named Askeladden. Note that you must complete the conversation or speaking to Askeladden will not work.
  • Return to Rellekka and speak with Askeladden, the Fremennik boy located south of the longhall. Progress through the dialogue and he will give you a pet rock.
  • If you haven't already, grab a potato, an onion, and a cabbage from the farm in the southeast part of Rellekka
  • Return to Lalli with the pet rock. He will say that he does not want another, so tell him that you can make him a delicious stone soup instead.
  • Talk to Lalli once more and then use the potato, onion, cabbage, and rock on his cauldron (Be careful not to accidentally eat any ingredients). He will then give you golden fleece.
  • Return to Rellekka and use the Golden fleece on the spinning wheel in the south-west corner of the village to spin it into a ball of golden wool. Use the wool on the unstrung lyre.
  • Travel to the tiny peninsula located south-west of Rellekka with the lyre in your inventory. Use the raw shark on the strange altar there. A Fossegrimen spirit will appear and bless your lyre.
  • Return to Rellekka and go backstage through the north-east door of the long hall that is guarded by a bouncer. Play your lyre in front of the crowd. You will receive Olaf's vote.

Peer the SeerEdit

  • Speak to Peer the Seer who can be found south-west of the market in Rellekka.
  • To enter his house you must solve a simple puzzle. The answer is a four letter word, and Peer will give you a clue for each letter and the word itself. Possible answers include: "tree", "time", "life", "mage", "fire", "wind", "mind" and "disk".
  • Once you have solved it, enter the building and go upstairs. Search all of the objects and examine the statues on the wall to find an old red disk, a wooden disk, an uncooked red herring, a jug, and a bucket.
  • Cook the red herring to get sticky red goop and use it on the wooden disk to get a second red disk. Then go down the other trapdoor and use the two disks on the abstract mural to get a vase lid.
  • Go upstairs and set exactly four litres of water on the chest. You need the jug, which can hold 3 units of water and the bucket, which holds 5 units, to open the chest. Here is what you should do:
    1. Fill up the jug with water, from the tap. Use it with the bucket.
    2. Do this again and you'll have a full bucket and a 1/3 full jug.
    3. Use the bucket on the drain to get an empty bucket.
    4. Fill up the bucket with the 1/3 full jug.
    5. Fill the jug again, and use it with the bucket to get a 4/5ths full bucket.
    6. Use the 4/5ths full bucket with the chest, and it will open, giving you a vase.
    7. Fill the vase with water to make a Vase of water.
    8. Use the lid on the Vase to get a sealed vase.
  • Use the sealed vase with the frozen table to freeze the water, which then expands in the vase and shatters it. You will receive a key frozen in a block of ice (If you accidentally freeze the water without sealing it, use it on the range to empty it).
  • Thaw the frozen key on the range, then go down the eastern ladder again and out the exit. You will receive Peer the Seer's vote.

Sigli the HuntsmanEdit

Items recommended: Combat gear
  • Talk to Sigli near Rellekka's southern entrance
  • Use the hunters' talisman that he gives you to locate and kill the Draugen. It will travel no further east or south than the intersection at Sinclair's Mansion. It appears in a different place for each player. Remember, the Draugen is not visible until you get close to his location. Look for a tiny grey butterfly. There are only a few of these, one of which is the Draugen.
  • When you finally find the Draugen, simply kill him. Do not drop or lose the talisman as it contains the Draugen's spirit, so you will have to fight him again!
  • After you have defeated the Draugen once, return to Sigli to get his vote.

Sigmund The MerchantEdit

Items needed: 5,000 coins
  • Talk to Sigmund in the marketplace.
  • Talk to the Sailor on the dock about the exotic flower. He has it, but wants a romantic ballad composed for him.
  • Talk to Olaf the Bard. He will ask you to get him a pair of new sturdy boots.
  • Go to the clothing store to the west of the market and ask Yrsa about them. She will agree to make the boots only if Brundt the Chieftain produces a fiscal statement that lowers the taxes on the stores.
  • If you talk to Brundt in the longhall, he will tell you that the clan will be able to afford it if Sigli the Huntsman will give him a tracking map showing the best places to hunt monsters.
  • Go south of the longhall. Sigli agrees, but first he will want a custom bowstring made.
  • Go to the helmet store just north of the longhall. The shopkeeper Skulgrimen will give you one in exchange for the unusual fish that the Fisherman caught.
  • On the docks to the north of Rellekka Market, you'll find the Fisherman. He will ask you to get a sea fishing map showing the best spots to catch edible fish.
  • Find Swensen the Navigator. He is in a house south of the market. He will make the map but he will want a weather forecast first.
  • Peer the Seer will give you a forecast if you can find him a bodyguard and make him sign a warriors' contract.
  • Thorvald the Warrior can be found in the helmet store. He wants you to get him a seat in the long hall, which will require a champion's token, in exchange for becoming the Seer's bodyguard.
  • Manni the Reveller is in the long hall. He will gladly give up his seat if Thora the Barkeep will make him one of her legendary cocktails.
  • Thora will only agree to make one if you can get a signed promissory note from Askeladden for him to stay out of the bar.
  • Talk to Askeladden (who is outside the long hall) to get the promissory note for 5000 coins.
  • Give the promissory note to Thora.
  • Give the legendary cocktail to Manni.
  • Give the champion's token to Thorvald.
  • Give the warrior's contract to the Seer.
  • Give the weather forecast to Swensen.
  • Give the sea fishing map to the Fisherman.
  • Give the unusual fish to Skulgrimen.
  • Give the custom bowstring to Sigli.
  • Give the tracking map to Brundt.
  • Give the fiscal statement to Yrsa.
  • Give the sturdy boots to Olaf.
  • Give the Fremennik ballad to the Sailor.
  • Finally, give the exotic flower to Sigmund. You will receive his vote.

Swensen the NavigatorEdit

  • Talk to Swensen in his house located south-west of the longhall and south of the marketplace. In order to receive his vote you need to navigate through his maze of portals.
  • Go down the ladder in the small room in his house. In each room, there are four portals: One on the north wall, one on the south wall, one on the east wall, and one on the west wall. One of the portals will take you to the next room. The other three will send you back to the start. The correct order is as follows:
    1. South
    2. West
    3. East
    4. North
    5. South
    6. East
    7. North
  • After you have done that, talk to Swensen. You will receive his vote.

Thorvald the WarriorEdit

Items recommended: A lot of food (such as sharks), Rings of recoil, Super attack potions, Super strength potions, and Super defence potions.
  • Talk to Thorvald the Warrior in the helmet store north of the longhall. In order to receive his vote, you must kill a special warrior called Koschei the deathless. However, the fight has three rules:
    1. You must defeat him at least three out of four times.
    2. You must fight to the death.
    3. You are not allowed to use weapons or armour - which also means no runes, staves, et cetera (You can use food, prayer, rings of recoil or even a dismantled godsword)
  • Go into the basement to begin the fight. Players whose combat stats are 40 or higher will not find Koschei overly challenging.
  • Koschei's first form is easy and should give you no problems. After you defeat him, he will regain all of his health and get stronger. There is no safe place to hide and attack, although you can trap him over the poles with fire burning on top of them and heal yourself. Just don't stay there too long or he'll disappear and reappear after you run around, and you'll start over at his first form.
  • His second form is comparatively stronger than the first, but should still be easy to take down. If Koschei seems to be hitting you a lot, eat some food or use prayers.
  • His third form is not too hard, however, he has a lot more life points so you should expect a longer fight.
  • The fourth form is a little more challenging than his third, but if you bring the recommended items you should be okay.
  • Fight him until he dies.
  • Return and talk to Thorvald the Warrior.

Finishing upEdit


The Fremennik Trials reward
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