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This is the quick guide for The Fremennik Isles.
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Start pointQuest map icon
The Fremennik Isles icon
Talk to Mord Gunnars in northern Rellekka
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
LengthLong (~1 hour 14 minutes)
Quest Quests:
Ironman badge Hardcore Ironman badge Ironmen:


  • 25 Defence Defence (to wear yak-hide armour)
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Raw tuna (can be fished in Jatizso or, with 42 thieving, it can be stolen from a fish stall at Rellekka)
  • Ores depending upon your mining level: (can be noted)
  • 8 ropes (can be obtained during quest by killing yaks and using 8 Hair on the nearby spinning wheel; bring an extra if you want to make the Fremennik round shield yourself)

Quest items attainable before starting:

  • 8 split logs (only if you are under 54 Woodcutting)
  • Yak hide armour
    • 15 coins and a thread spool (to make a set of yak-hide armour, if you don't buy it before the quest)
  • Fremennik round shield (can be made during the quest if you have 54 woodcutting)
    • Bronze nail (only if you want to make the Fremennik round shield yourself; can be bought during the quest for 7 coins)
Enemies to defeat

Starting outEdit

Fremennik Isles map
  • Talk to Mord Gunnars on Rellekka dock about Jatizso's history. (Chat 13)
  • After the story travel to Jatizso.
  • Talk to King Gjuki.
  • Give the King a raw tuna.
  • Give the King your ores. There is a mine to the west if you didn't bring them.
  • Open the chest and take the jester outfit.
  • Return to Rellekka, and take the boat to Neitiznot.

Clowning aroundEdit

  • Equip your jester costume, with nothing in your hands, and talk to Slug, north of the bank. (Chat 4)
  • Talk to Mawnis Burowgar.
  • Use the jester controls to follow Mawnis' instructions.
  • Return to Slug. (Chat 1321)

Bridge repairsEdit

  • Remove the jester costume and talk to Mawnis.
  • 8 ropes can be obtained by spinning yak hair, 8 split logs can be obtained by crossing the bridge north and using arctic pine logs on a stump.
  • Talk to Mawnis with the items.
  • Talk to Thakkrad about the bridges.
  • Right click bridges, north of Neitiznot, to repair them.
  • Talk to Mawnis.


  • Return to King Gjuki.
  • Tax the shop keepers of Jatizso:
    • Hring Hring must pay 8,000, he is in south-western most house.
    • Skuli Myrka must pay 6,000, north from Hring.
    • Vanligga Gastfrihet must pay 5,000, north from kings palace.
    • Keepa Kettilon must pay 5,000, east from Vanligga.
  • Return to the king.
  • Tax all bearded people for 1k:
    • Hring Hring.
    • Raum Urda-Stein in a house with Hring Hring.
    • Skuli Myrka.
    • Keepa Kettilon.
    • Flosi Dalksson in a house with Keepa Kettilon.
  • Return to the king.
  • Return to Rellekka, and take the boat to Neitiznot.
  • Equip the jester outfit and talk to Slug.
  • Entertain Mawnis again.
  • Talk to Slug. (Chat 1213)
  • Talk to King Gjuki.
  • Remove the jester costume and talk to Mawnis.
  • To obtain yak armour: kill three yaks and give Thakkrad to tan. Thread is required to craft the top and legs.
  • Talk to Mawnis when you have the yak armour.
  • To obtain a round shield: buy 1 bronze nail from Jofridr in the bank, obtain 1 rope, chop two arctic logs and take everything to a stump.
  • Talk to Mawnis with these items.

The final battleEdit

  • Prepare for battle then enter the Ice Troll Caves. Protect from missiles is advised. Familiars are not allowed.
  • Kill 10 trolls.
  • Cross the bridge, kill and decapitate the Ice Troll King.
  • Take the head to Mawnis.
  • Quest complete!


The Fremennik Isles reward
Music unlocked

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