Forgotten Cemetary

Remnants of a forgotten graveyard.

The Forgotten Cemetery map

The Forgotten Cemetery is a minor area in the Wilderness at around level 30. It contains ghosts, skeletons, and zombies. The Agility shortcut (level 64 Agility required to use) just north-west of the Cemetery is a one-way shortcut from the God Wars Dungeon into the Wilderness.

Ian, who sells team capes with crosses on them, can be found inside the Cemetery itself, and a short way to the east there is a drunken musician. He plays a version of the Harmony track, but badly.

Spirit RealmEdit

The Cemetery also contains a portal to the Spirit Realm. When operating Jennica's ring (that Summer Bonde gave you when completing Spirit of Summer) while standing on the portal, the player will receive 15,000 Prayer experience, only if the player's Prayer level is 50 or greater. Additionally, if coffins are opened in the Spirit Realm, stronger ghosts will appear in the real world at level 72 combat.


  • A man used to wander the grounds. His dialogue, once spoken to, was the same as any other man in cities, and he was once asked a question in an issue of Postbag from the Hedge, when a player asked what he was doing out there in the cemetery. He replied "My main is level 500! LOL!"
  • Demon Flash Mobs also potentially spawn around this area.

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