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Queen help book
This is the quick guide for The Firemaker's Curse.
For a more in-depth version, click here.
Start point Quest map icon South of Eagles' Peak and west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Member requirement P2P icon Members only
Official difficulty Master Master
Length Long
  • 74 Firemaking-icon Firemaking
  • 76 Constitution-icon Constitution
  • 64 Agility-icon Agility

No skills can be boosted

Items required Items from the toolbelt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Healing method or food (Unicorn stallion/bunyip familiar can also be helpful)
  • Enhanced Excalibur is very handy here for healing
  • Weight-reducing clothing (recommended)
  • Melee weapon (abyssal whip recommended)
Enemies to defeat Char (level 160)

Getting StartedEdit

The Cave SystemEdit

Room 1Edit

TFC room 1 solution

first puzzle arrow

  • Talk to Flint who will give the player a Pitch can.
  • Use the pitch can to light fires to complete the arrow on the ground.

Room 2Edit

  • Light the logs located south in the cavern.
  • Take the Firemaking journal towards the centre of the room.
  • After a cutscene, enter the next room.

Room 3Edit

TFC room 3 solution

Second puzzle solution.

  • Complete the pattern which is in the shape of a falling boulder.
  • Avoid the falling boulders and keep picking them up and placing them on the rock pile at the end of the room.
  • Climb up the rock pile.

Room 4Edit

  • Light the fire just like in the second room.
  • Take the Firemaker's journal.
  • Click the pillar near the fire and tie up Twig
  • Proceed to the next room.

Room 5Edit

TFC room 5 solution

The solution for the third puzzle.

  • Complete the puzzle. Dodge the fire walls by going through the gaps in them immediately after the puzzle.
  • Proceed to the next room

Room 6Edit

  • Complete the agility maze by lighting fires and pushing the pillars. The pillars show you where to go next by a mini-cutscene when you push them.
  • Proceed to the next room.

Room 7Edit

  • Light the fire and pick up the journal.
  • Click on the pillar by the fire and tie up Sera.
  • Proceed to the next room.

Room 8Edit

TFC room 8 solution

Solution to the fourth puzzle. Coloured Dots indicate where fires should be placed.

  • Complete the puzzle in this room and immediately run to one of the gaps in the walls and hide in it until the wall of fire passes by.
  • Proceed to the next room.

Room 9Edit

  • Complete the "tutorial" that Char gives you.
  • Complete this room by surviving until the end of the wave bar. You can light the oil lines to make fire barriers to block the orbs that fly around.
  • Proceed to the next room.

Room 10Edit

  • Again, light the fire and grab the journal.
  • At the pillar, tie up Twig again.
  • Proceed to the next room.

Room 11Edit

TFC room 11 solution

The solution to the fifth puzzle (11th room)

  • Complete the puzzle which is in the shape of a torch.
  • Light the fire pit and grab a Torch from it.
  • Continue down the path and when there are tendrils of darkness, ward them off by LEFT-clicking on them at the edge of the screen.
  • Proceed to the next room at the end of the path.

Room 12Edit

  • Light the fire and take the journal.
  • Tie Emmett to the pillar this time.
  • Proceed to the next room.

Face-off with CharEdit

Note: It is advised to bring a few energy restoring items, or visit the salt bath in Oo'glog, as well as bringing life point restoring items. It is also advised to bring an abyssal whip, an off-hand weapon, and nothing else except weight-reducing items. Armour will raise your maximum life points and increase Char's max hit, therefore it is not recommended. Keeping at least 5 fires lit will ensure adequate damage against Char.

  • Defeat Char.

Finishing upEdit

  • Exit through the tunnel in the back of the room.
  • Talk to Sera or Emmett.
  • Quest complete!

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