The Clue's in the Monkey's Drool
Receive the medium clue scroll from a monkey in your backpack.
Release date 18 April 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Category Completionist

The Clue's in the Monkey's Drool is an achievement that requires the player to receive the medium clue scroll from the monkey in the player's inventory during or after the Monkey Madness quest, after feeding it a number of banana's. The drop rate is 1 in 256.

It is suggested to feed the bananas to the monkey while at the banana plantation at Musa Point so the player is close to a free source of bananas. This will display the message "The monkey chews on the banana and spits out a clue!" in the chatbox. To obtain the clue scroll the player must not have another medium difficulty clue scroll in their inventory nor bank; however, another difficulty clue scroll won't interfere. Do not skip the dialogue when feeding the monkey, as it will not count as an attempt towards the clue scroll.

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