The Bowl

The Bowl region

The Bowl is a region within the Wushanko Isles accessible by the Player owned ports minigame, found southeast of The Scythe. It is the fifth region opened up by the player advancing through the minigame. Rich in jade, a draw to pirates and prospectors alike. The khans of the Bowl are more interested in wealth and luxury than in military or political power, an attitude which draws merchants as thickly as flies.

  • Crescent Isle - An outpost of the khans' power, heavily fortified. Serves as a centre of frontier justice and bureaucracy.
  • Falling Blossom - An island renowned for its geishas, as well as hibiscus gardens and beautiful scenery. It is ruled by its khan, Oroshu.
  • Glittercaves - A cave network made bright by large outcrops of quartz and salt. Home to Shuma the whale.
  • Isle of Juniper - Declared taboo for settlement by an ancient khan; now overgrown with juniper groves and a rare haven for land-dwelling beasts.
  • Kei Pi - The people of Kei Pi are renowned for their energy and their hedonism, although some say that the vicious group of pirates known as the Pin operate out of a hidden base here.
  • Tattanogi - The pirates of this island have an unusual reputation for decency.
  • Tokoko - Training islands for the Death Lotus assassins. It is also pockmarked with fishing villages, which form a useful cover.
  • Shattered Beams - A fishing village built on stilts. Once home to the Whaler; since obliterated. Still home to the Old Man of the Sea, who can psychically link to sea monsters.
  • The Island of Regret - Adventurers that go ashore will begin to lose their memories.


Voyages to the Bowl that do not mention a specific island can be collected here.

  • In A Joint Effort, the Biologist and the Whaler uncover a new species of whale and wish to join forces to track its movements.
  • In To Gain through Death, the Assassin has heard that a merman who lures captains to their deaths has a vast supply of spices.
  • In To the Rescue, the player may intercede in a fight between the local Khan and some guests that he will not allow to leave.
  • In Return Home, the player helps a creature from another plane perform a ritual to help it return to its home world.


  • The lower half of 'The Bowl' resembles the real world country of New Zealand flipped 90 degrees onto its side. Falling Blossom resembles the Hawai'ian Islands' O'ahu, and most of the eastern islands in this arc resemble Hawai'ian islands.
  • The island Kei Pi, as well as the pirate group, Pin, are a reference to Pinkie Pie, a character from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.