Gate of Lloigh-enn

The Gate of Lloigh-enn in the Black Hole.

The Black Hole is a location in the Gower Quest. It is a reference to The Black Hole in RuneScape Classic. It can be entered by using the "Scan" option on a green disk of returning in the southern parts of the Dwarven Mine. It cannot be revisited after the quest - using the disk takes the player to the White Hole or Behind the Scenes instead.

The area is entirely black, with a fixed camera angle. Various interactable items are in the area (all relatively close together, so a wide view is not strictly needed). During the quest, the player has to solve a short puzzle here to return Lloigh-enn's skull to his body. After this, he opens the Gate of Lloigh-enn. Entering the gate transports the player to the White Hole.

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